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Advantages of Sermorelin Therapy over HGH

Advantages of Sermorelin Therapy over HGH

Advantages of Sermorelin Therapy

Sermorelin acetate is a group of amino acids that stimulate the pituitary gland to start producing more HGH through the body's natural methods. Sermorelin acetate therapy is commonly used as an alternative to human growth hormone therapy because it has shown to be safer, to have fewer side effects than HGH therapy, and to increase production of the hormone naturally. Sermorelin stimulates the body to produce more HGH rather than injecting the hormone directly into the bloodstream. The result is a safer and more natural increase of the hormone, and as a result there are very few if any side effects. Sermorelin acetate can be a very effective anti-aging supplement, and many people have experienced excellent results with the therapy.

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Sermorelin therapy is proven to be effective for anti-aging purposes

One of the main benefits of Sermorelin therapy is that it is one of the best treatments to replace the body's production of HGH that starts to decline at around the age of 30. Sermorelin therapy is effective at restoring natural levels of the hormone, and there is no risk of overproduction of the hormone because the body regulates production of the hormone. It has shown to be an effective replacement for human growth hormone in aging adults, because it increases levels of the hormone gradually and uses the body's natural pathways to deliver the hormone to tissues. The therapy has shown to be safe and effective at increasing HGH levels naturally, and thousands of people have tried it with excellent results under medical supervision.

With Sermorelin therapy you know that it is natural

When you use Sermorelin therapy instead of HGH, you will avoid the problems associated with unsafe human growth hormone products. There are a wide range of different HGH supplements available, and some of them have side effects because they are produced from unnatural sources or are not bio-identical. It can be difficult to determine which HGH products are safe to use and natural. This issue can be avoided when you use Sermorelin therapy because the treatment relies on the body's own natural production of human growth hormone, so the side effects that are commonly associated with unnatural HGH products are avoided. Most people experience a very gradual increase of the hormone with several positive health benefits.

Sermorelin does not need to be taken over a very long period of time

Unlike some types of HGH therapy, Sermorelin does not need to be taken over a very long period of time. HGH therapy sometimes requires up to a year or longer, while Sermorelin can be taken for around 3 to 6 months and achieve the results that the patient is looking for. Typically, with Sermorelin therapy the patient is looking to increase their HGH levels to a more natural and youthful level, and they are not trying to overload the body with excess hormone. Sermorelin increases production of human growth hormone to an optimal level and the pituitary gland normally continues a higher level of production of the hormone even after the therapy is discontinued.

Sermorelin does everything HGH therapy does without side effects

Studies have shown that Sermorelin helps decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, establish a natural sleep cycle, increase libido, increase energy levels, improve exercise recovery, and everything else that HGH therapy does without side effects and other negative effects. People who have tried human growth hormone on their own or under medical supervision have sometimes experienced several side effects which are thought by many to result from "flooding"the body with too much hormone. Some of the side effects that are thought to be associated with HGH therapy include carpal tunnel syndrome, kidney problems, higher cholesterol level, tingling in the skin, joint pain and nerve pain. These side effects have not been seen with Sermorelin therapy, which makes it superior to HGH therapy in many cases.

HGH therapy does have a medical purpose

In many cases, HGH therapy has its place and Sermorelin therapy is not right for every patient. Sermorelin therapy is almost always the best option for adults who are looking to maintain their HGH production as they age. HGH therapy is not the best option in this case, but it is a good option in other medical circumstances, such helping patients who are experience muscle wasting as the result of several chronic illnesses, for children who have low natural levels of HGH production, and in many other circumstances. Also, as long as the hormone is bioidentical or chemically identical to what the body naturally produces, and delivered at the optimal dose, most if not all side effects can usually be avoided.

Synthetic HGH products can have many side effects

There are plenty of reasons why you should stick to Sermorelin if you are considering replacing your HGH levels through any form of treatment. Synthetic HGH products are associated with most of the negative side effects and stories that you hear about hormone treatments. When you use HGH therapy for anti-aging, the hormone prescribed to you may be synthetic, and the risk is higher when you purchase the hormone from unlicensed sources. The only safe way to increase your hormone levels is to use Sermorelin therapy, and those who have tried it have only experienced the positive effects that are associated with a high natural production of the hormone.

Sermorelin therapy is usually less expensive

Another advantage of the therapy is that it is usually less expensive than HGH therapy because human growth hormone can be expensive to produce, while Sermorelin is available at a more affordable cost. This can end up saving you quite a bit of money over the several months that are required for the treatment. There are almost no insurance plans that will reimburse you for HGH therapy as an anti-aging treatment. Genetically engineered hormones or other types of synthetic or modified HGH hormones usually have a much higher cost because they are branded or owned by a particular drug company, and as a result you can end up paying a substantial premium for these products, which are often unsafe to use. With Sermorelin therapy you can expect to pay less than half of what you would pay for a synthetic hormone with the real anti-aging results that you are looking for.

Nu Image Medical offers a complete Sermorelin therapy program

If you are looking for a high quality Sermorelin therapy treatment and want to save money while ensuring that it is safe for you, Nu Image Medical offers an excellent treatment program that is available at an affordable cost. You save money on our treatment program because it is mostly self-administered, however you receive a full medical consultation at the start of the treatment, and you will also receive a blood test prior to starting your treatment to ensure that it is safe for you. Nu Image Medical has extensive experience with the treatment and uses licensed pharmacies to source our Sermorelin as well as licensed medical professionals to oversee your treatment. To get more information about our Sermorelin therapy program for anti-aging and how it can benefit, you, click here.

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