Everything you need to know to properly mix your HCG!

The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

HCG Mixing Directions – Oral Drops

If your bottle says “Complete Pharmacy”, use the following instructions. If it says AbsoluteRX, instructions are included!


Step 1

Take the pre-fill 10ml bacteriostatic water syringe and remove the tip.

Step 2

Remove the lid of the HCG vial

Step 3

Insert the syringe into the HCG vial and push the 10ml in.

Step 4

Put the lid back into the HCG vial and refrigerate immediately

Step 5

For daily dosage (once a day only), withdraw up to the .40ml mark in the little syringe and release the liquid under the tongue. Hold it for about 5minutes for absorption..

Avoid drinking, eating, brushing your teeth 15 minutes prior and after taking the HCG.

Remember to keep it always refrigerated and make sure the syringe is fully inserted into the HCG hole to avoid spills

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Patient Agreement

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