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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Why You Should Try the HCG Diet in 2016

Why You Should Try the HCG Diet in 2016
The HCG diet is the perfect diet to get back on track for a healthy eating lifestyle in 2016, and if you are considering a quick and easy diet to help you lose up to 40 pounds in as little as six weeks, the HCG diet is a perfect option for you. The HCG diet can change your appetite, help you with craving control, improve your metabolism, and it gives you a great pathway toward a healthy eating lifestyle. You don't have to spend very much time on the diet to get great results, and that's why it has become one of the most popular diets in the United States and many other parts of the world.

The HCG diet works quickly

One of the best reasons to try the HCG diet in 2016 is the fact that it works fast. You don't have to spend months and months on dieting and slowly losing weight. The HCG diet has two options: a three week very low calorie diet (Phase 2), or a six week very low calorie diet. You can chose whichever option works best for you based on your unique goals, and with the three week diet you can expect to lose about 10 to 15 pounds while you can lose substantially more on the six week diet. If you have found that it's difficult for you to focus on weight loss for an extended period of time, the HCG diet may be one of the first diets that works for you because of its relatively short duration.

The HCG diet has easy to follow guidelines

The HCG diet's guidelines are very straightforward. You are limited to just 500 calories per day, and you are required to inject the hormone or use HCG diet drops or pellets while you are on Phase 2 of the diet. There is a brief "€œloading phase"€ at the start of the diet where you can eat as many calories as you want for a few days to help your body prepare, and then you start the three or six week very low calorie diet. During this period of time your body is switched into a hyper fat burning mode and you lose weight very rapidly

The food requirements for the diet are carefully laid out and explained in the Nu Image Medical HCG diet protocol guide that you get when you purchase the diet from us. You can quickly review these requirements in just a few hours, and we also provide you with dozens of great HCG diet recipes on our blog and with your welcome package. You also can ask our medical providers any questions that you may have about the diet at all as you are going through it, but our protocol is very easy to follow and we ship the hormone directly to your home so that you don't ever have to walk into a clinic or pay more money than you need to.

The HCG hormone makes weight loss a lot easier

If you've had a hard time losing weight in the past, it's likely because of the fact that you haven't been able to switch your body into a ketogenic or fat burning state. That is precisely what the HCG hormone does for you, and why it is such an important part of the diet. The hormone helps your body direct its energy needs toward its fat reserves rather than lean muscle, so you will preserve more muscle mass while you lose weight on the HCG diet, which is important both for your appearance and your health. The hormone helps to suppress your appetite and by encouraging your body to burn its excess fat reserves, you lose weight a lot easier when you are on the diet.

The HCG diet can change your cravings for food

A major reason why weight loss can be so difficult in the long term is because of the fact that your food cravings might not change very easily. Your cravings are what drive you to snack or eat unhealthy foods, but the HCG diet can even help with your food cravings. Many dieters report that they no longer crave the same foods as they did before starting the diet once they complete a round. Because of the fact that you are required to only eat natural foods in small portions while you are on the diet, it gives your body a chance to detox and to "€œreset"€ your cravings for foods.

A lot of people are able to break their psychological food addictions just by trying a round of the HCG diet. Of course once the diet is finished it doesn't mean that you can jump right back into eating what you ate before and expect not to gain weight. It offers you a great head start at transitioning back into a healthy diet and lifestyle but you have to make long term changes in your habits in order to maintain your weight loss. However, the HCG diet can help in many ways, and if you have found that you have strong cravings for unhealthy foods, sugar, fat, starch or junk food, you'll very likely benefit from a round of the HCG diet.

Try the HCG diet today with a free included medical consultation

The HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical is one of the lowest priced and highest quality hormone diets available. You can try the diet no matter where you live, and you won't have to meet with a medical provider at a local clinic. Trying a diet plan at a local clinic can end up costing you over $800 or more, but the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is available for just $297 for the three week diet and $397 for the six week diet. If you have any questions at all prior to starting or after you purchase the diet, you get a free included medical consultation, and your medical history will also be reviewed by a licensed medical provider. This will guarantee that the diet is safe for you to try, and there are several other supplements that you can purchase which can improve your results significantly on the diet.

Change your life today and lose the weight that you've always been meaning to lose by starting a round of the HCG diet. Save $100 on the diet when you purchase it online today! To learn more, click here to contact Nu Image Medical or to order a round of the HCG diet today!

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