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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Why You Should Purchase the HCG Diet Online

Why You Should Purchase the HCG Diet Online
The HCG diet is one of the best diets available anywhere and is also one of the most proven diets, and as a result it has become a widely sought after diet. With the increased popularity of the diet, many people have looked for the HCG diet online, because with the proper medical supervision the diet is safe to try at home. The online programs offer an effective alternative to diets administered at a clinic, but there are several caveats and precautions that dieters should take before they purchase any program. Hormone diets should never be attempted without sufficient medical supervision and a medical evaluation prior to starting the diet. There are very few online HCG diet programs that offer both of these important features, and Nu Image Medical is one of those providers. You can certainly try the diet online and there are several reasons why you should consider doing so, and as long as it is medically supervised it is perfectly safe for you.

It will cost you less money to purchase the diet online

When you purchase the HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical, you can have it shipped to you no matter where you live, and in the vast majority of cases the diet will cost less money than a clinically supervised diet. Going to a local clinic for your hormone diet can end up costing you two to three times as much money or more because clinics will usually require multiple appointments, and you may have to pay for injections. The extra overhead and costs are avoided when you purchase the diet online from a provider like Nu Image Medical, and you really get the best of both worlds because the diet is medically supervised while also being affordable.

You can find a medically supervised diet online

If you are concerned about the lack of medical supervision with an online diet program, you should strongly consider trying the diet at Nu Image Medical. Our diet is unique because you will receive a full medical evaluation prior to starting it, including an overview of your medical history and a check to ensure that there are no conditions or other health problems that could make the diet dangerous for you. Most people can try the diet with no problems at all, but every dieter needs to be evaluated by an experienced and licensed medical provider before starting it. At Nu Image Medical you never have to worry about a lack of medical supervision since you will be evaluated at the very beginning by a medical doctor and you will be able to ask questions during the diet.

The quality of the diet is virtually the same as a clinically supervised diet

When you purchase the HCG hormone diet online from a licensed provider like Nu Image Medical, you can rest assured that the quality of the diet will be on par with what you would get at a clinic. The key is to purchase the diet from a licensed provider like Nu Image Medical and avoid the low quality providers out there. Companies that don't have medical supervision also often have a lower quality hormone that may not even work, which can completely make the diet ineffective. At Nu Image Medical you are guaranteed to get pure pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin with a sufficient level of support necessary to be successful on the diet. We have helped thousands of patients succeed on the diet and our medical providers have extensive experience with the diet, even more than most local clinics and other medical companies.

Working with an HCG diet specialist can help to ensure your success

Another main factor to consider is the experience of the diet provider that you are working with, whether it is local or online. Local clinics may offer the diet but often do not specialize in the diet the same way that Nu Image Medical does. We are the premier HCG diet company online because of our extensive experience with administering the diet, and the diet is our main product. When purchase the program at Nu Image Medical you are helping to ensure your success because your diet will be supervised by medical experts who know every detail about the diet. Our program is only based on the proven Simeons HCG diet protocol, and our HCG diet protocol has been carefully developed so that it is concise but covers every important detail that you need to know to get the fastest and greatest amount of weight loss possible.

You will save time with an online diet

When you buy a HCG diet program from a provider like Nu Image Medical, you can have the diet shipped directly to your home within just a few days, and you don't have to travel back and forth to a clinic. Often times a clinic will require multiple appointments to manage the diet, while the program at Nu Image Medical can be completed entirely from home. Our program is designed to be as fast as possible for you, and you can get started with the diet as soon as your shipment arrives. The time that you save from avoiding travel can be substantial, and we can get you approved for the diet within a matter of minutes while still fully evaluating your medical history and ensuring that the diet is the right option for you.

It is easier to repeat the online diet

When you want to repeat the HCG diet to lose more weight, it can be much easier to do so with an online diet because your information will be saved and you simply have to order another round of the diet after the six week waiting period once the previous diet is completed. You need to wait six weeks to prevent hormone tolerance from building up, but other than that you can get started right away with a second round of the diet as soon as the waiting period has passed and you are ready. At a clinic you may have to travel back and forth and spend more money than you would like before starting a second round, and it is much easier and less expensive to simply buy the diet online and have the second round shipped to you, rather than having to go to the pharmacy and travel locally.

Be sure to work with a licensed medical clinic if you buy the diet online

Hopefully you are convinced that the online diet is a good option if you are considering trying it, but you need to be extremely careful when deciding on a provider. You will find several options that may be lower in price than what you would have to pay at Nu Image Medical, but there is always a tradeoff. You will not have any medical supervision and may end up trying the diet when you shouldn't be trying it, and their diet protocol may be inaccurate, outdated, or based on pseudoscience. A potential danger to your health is the actual hormone that they prescribe; many of these companies buy their hormone in bulk from overseas pharmacies that don't have the same quality control procedures and sterile production equipment that U.S. licensed pharmacies have. The best option is to purchase the diet from a licensed provider that offers you medical supervision like Nu Image Medical. You will get the benefit of paying less than what you would pay at a local clinic and won't compromise your health or safety with our diet. Get more information about our HCG diet program now and speak to a medical provider today to get started.

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