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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Why You Should Never Buy HCG without a Prescription

Why You Should Never Buy HCG without a Prescription

Never Buy HCG without a Prescription!

With the popularity of the HCG diet there are plenty of online providers that allow you to buy HCG without a prescription. Some people have used these providers with their promises of lower prices but there are serious risks when purchasing HCG or any hormone without a prescription.

When you buy a hormone without a prescription you are not getting the proper medical clearance that is necessary before starting on any drug or hormone. HCG is safe to use as long as it is pharmaceutical grade and bought  from a licensed pharmacy, but no legitimate pharmacy will sell you the hormone without the approval of a licensed medical provider.

No legitimate provider will let you buy HCG without a prescription

The pharmacies that let you buy HCG without a prescription  are not operating ethically or legally in some cases, and it is very possible that they will sell you a product that is impure or one that contains potentially dangerous additives.

The FDA warns against buying medicines from online providers that do not require a prescription. In one case the FDA  purchased Tamiflu (oseltamivir) from online retailers to test the product out. When the order was analyzed, it was found to contain acetaminophen and none of the active ingredient that was requested.

Since illegitimate pharmacies do not have any FDA regulation or other regulation over them, there is nothing stopping them from selling you products that have no active ingredient, or too much or too little of the active ingredient, dangerous ingredients, or the wrong active ingredient.

The FDA and the Board of Pharmacy for each state has specific guidelines on the production of medications, and these guidelines have been developed through years of research and medical knowledge. Licensed pharmacies produce their medications using these guidelines and with the oversight of professional pharmacists. There is no way for an unlicensed pharmacy to be able to produce medicines with the same quality and safety guidelines of a legitimate pharmacy.

You won't have any idea where the drug is produced

In another notable case, people who were looking for Xanax, Ativan, Lexapro and Ambien purchased drugs from a pharmacy that had foreign produced Haldol, an anti-psychotic drug, and they were hospitalized due to the side effects of the  medication. The FDA  did not know where the Haldol was produced and it may have also been produced using unsafe techniques.

Many unlicensed providers will sell you a product that is created in a foreign country even though they may claim that it is produced in the United States. In most cases they will also sell you the product without asking for a doctor's recommendation or prescription, which should always be a red flag that the company may not be legit.

The product may not be sterile

Another primary concern about medications sold from unlicensed pharmacies is that they may be contaminated. The techniques that these pharmacies use to create their products can be very dangerous and expose the product to bacteria, fungi and other pathogens, which can be very dangerous and result in infections, illness and other serious complications.

Any hormone or HCG product must be carefully produced using sterile techniques with the proper facilities. Unlicensed pharmacies usually don't even have the proper equipment and facilities to safely produce hormone injections, drops or pills, so even if they wanted to abide by the proper safety protocols they wouldn't be able to.

How to find a trustworthy pharmacy when you buy HCG online

Any trustworthy pharmacy will always request a prescription or the recommendation of licensed medical provider before selling you any drug. They should also offer you contact information so that you can speak with a pharmacist or medical representative and ask questions about using the hormone or drug. Trustworthy pharmacies will also give you detailed instructions on how to use HCG injections or drops. The pharmacy should also be located within the United States.

The pharmacy that Nu Image Medical uses to produce its HCG injections and other products is located in the U.S. and has licensed pharmacists and medical providers on staff to answer questions. The purity of our product is guaranteed and we have the certification and testing from an independent lab to prove this. All of our  medications are produced using the safest sterile techniques. Although the price of HCG from Nu Image Medical may be slightly higher than unlicensed pharmacies, it is well worth the peace of mind to know that you are actually purchasing the pure hormone and for the detailed instructions that you get.

If you use an unlicensed pharmacy there are obviously the risks that are described above, but another important thing to consider is that you will never be able to ask any questions on the diet or how to use the hormone. This is a huge disadvantage as there are many aspects to the diet that need to be explained by medical professionals before you start on it, and there are safety requirements to ensure that you don't take too much of the hormone or too little.

In most cases unlicensed pharmacies will sell you the hormone without any information about how to diet with it, leaving you to have to research the diet and come up with a protocol on your own, which is risky as well. The diet is very specific and the diet instructions that Nu Image Medical and any other legitimate pharmacy uses should be based on the Simeons protocol which has the right proportion of nutrients and the proper requirements to ensure that the hormone works and that you can complete the diet safely.

At Nu Image you will always receive detailed instructions on how to use your HCG product and of course you will get a detailed diet protocol as well as supplementary information such as recipes to help you through the diet. The extra services and support that we provide you with is well worth the price of the diet and the hormone, and it is far less expensive than what you would have to pay locally.

So to avoid some serious health risks, don't  buy HCG without a prescription and always try to use a licensed provider like Nu Image Medical when you decide to go on the HCG diet.  You can find more information on how to get started with the HCG diet here, or you can speak with a medical professional to ask any questions about the diet.



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