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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Why You Need Medical Supervision on the HCG Diet

Why You Need Medical Supervision on the HCG Diet

Medical Supervision on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet requires medical supervision and it is often self-administered without a medical consultation which is a major mistake. Some dieters may choose to do this as a way to save a little bit of money, but there are several risks to starting the HCG diet without receiving a full medical evaluation. Having a medical professional available to answer any questions about the diet is critical, and a medical professional can catch any potential problems before a person starts on the diet. Not everyone can safely participate in a VLCD even though the majority of people can without any issues. If you have Type 1 diabetes for instance you may not be able to participate in the HCG diet without medical approval.

At Nu Image Medical we provide either a full 26 or 46 day HCG diet including enough hormone for injections on every day of the diet, as well as a full medical consultation to ensure that any health concerns are addressed prior to starting the diet. If we feel that you should not participate in the diet we will let you know upfront and recommend an alternative program to lose weight that is safe for you. Again, most people can safely participate in the HCG diet without major problems, but for the few people that may have an issue a medical consultation is necessary.

You need a medical consultation to learn how to self-inject the hormone

It would be dangerous for a person to attempt the HCG diet without medical supervision, especially considering the fact that there needs to be instructions on how to self-inject the hormone. Learning how to self-inject without medical supervision is definitely not recommended, and you run the risk of performing the injections incorrectly if you do so, or injuring yourself. Also, if you purchase HCG injections from an unknown provider or a provider that isn't licensed to sell HCG, you can't be sure of the quality of the hormone, and they may also provide the improper procedure and the wrong medical equipment for self-injections. The syringes may be the wrong size, and the majority of the time the instructions will not be adequate.

At Nu Image Medical we provide you with an online medical consultation and you will receive detailed video instructions on how to safely self-inject the hormone at home. We also offer you the alternative of HCG drops or pellets in case you would rather not self-inject the hormone. If you do decide to inject the hormone at home our detailed video is sufficient for teaching you the safe and effective method of self-injecting, as well as details on how to safely rotate the injection site. At Nu Image Medical you are only using a ¼ inch insulin needle for the injections, which is a very tiny needle that is almost painless to use. Also, you will receive instructions on how to specifically use our equipment, and all of our videos are branded and customized for our program.

You need a medical consultation to ask questions about the diet

One of the most important things for you to do is ask as many questions as you can from a licensed medical provider during the first week of the diet. There are several concerns that can arise during this critical first week, however once you get through the first week the rest of the diet is very easy. You might be alarmed at the amount of weight that you are losing initially, or you may have minor side effects during the first few days of the diet, or you may have hunger pains or other initial difficulties. No matter what problem you have, the expert medical professionals at Nu Image Medical can help you and get you through the critical first week.

By having a medical provider available to answer your questions, you will start the HCG diet from an educated perspective and your worries about the diet will be addressed. If you choose to try the HCG diet without getting medical supervision you will not be able to have your questions addressed, and you will have a much greater chance of making mistakes. At Nu Image Medical our medical professionals will let you know as soon as you are doing anything that will disrupt the diet or cause potential problems, and when you self-administer the diet you don't have that benefit.

Your medical provider will help you accomplish your goals on the HCG diet

Planning the HCG diet out by yourself will always be much less effective than working with a medical professionals, and possibly dangerous. Having a medical professional with experience advising patients on the HCG diet is invaluable; you will receive tips and specific information related to your unique health status and condition, and you will receive instructions on how to accomplish your specific goals for the diet. Having the proper plan for the HCG diet is incredibly important for getting the most out of the diet and ensuring that it goes well. Your medical provider will help you plan out your diet and help you select the appropriate length of diet for your weight loss goals.

If you decide to try the diet on your own you may neglect some of the most important aspects of the HCG diet. For instance, at Nu Image Medical we provide you with a detailed HCG diet guide that goes along with our medical consultation and other training information. This detailed training information was created by medical professionals and gives you a full preparation for the diet. It is absolutely required in order to safely and effectively participate in the diet. If you are relying on reference information that you find online, or protocols written by people who are not medical professionals, you are taking risks with your health that aren't worth it. Try the medically supervised HCG diet from Nu Image Medical now and guarantee that your health is protected throughout the entire diet, while ensuring that you have access to experienced and educated medical professionals who can advise you on any question that you may have.

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