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Why the Purity of the HCG Hormone Matters

Why the Purity of the HCG Hormone Matters

The HCG Diet has become one of the most popular weight loss diets in the world, and as a result of this there are hundreds of HCG diet products available. With the wide range of different HCG diet products on the market, there is the potential for abuse because many dieters are not aware of the dangers of low quality HCG. Some retailers sell HCG for a small fraction of what it should be sold for, but their products have no guarantee that they contain any real hormone because they are often produced at pharmacies that have no FDA oversight, such as overseas pharmacies or other pharmacies. The only way to guarantee that the quality of HCG product that is being used is safe is to purchase it from a reputable retailer that uses a licensed U.S. pharmacy to produce their hormone.

HCG products will vary in potency

The potency of the hormone is an important thing to consider, especially considering the fact that each dieter must take a specific dosage of the hormone based on their age, weight, and other factors. Nu Image Medical includes a full medical consultation prior to the start of our HCG diet, and as a result of this, dieters can be assured that they are getting the proper dosage for their hormone. Because Nu Image Medical uses a licensed U.S. pharmacy, we can guarantee that our hormone products are perfectly safe and are pure, while other HCG products cannot guarantee this. Also, no one should ever attempt the diet without receiving a medical clearance because the diet may need to be customized for a particular patient based on underlying clinical conditions, their daily caloric requirements, and many other factors.

The wrong HCG product may have negative side effects

HCG products have not been approved by the FDA for over the counter or online purchases, except in the case that they are issued from a licensed U.S. pharmacy by a licensed medical doctor or other medical professional who can legally issue prescriptions. The FDA has only approved prescribed HCG because of the potentially harmful side effects of HCG products that are produced at overseas facilities or other facilities that have no governmental oversight. The potential dangers of the wrong HCG product are many; the product may have improperly labeled ingredients which can lead to allergic reactions for sensitive people or unwanted side effects. There could be dozens of problems with the ingredients including the wrong active ingredients, extra inactive ingredients, banned substances, the wrong dosage of the active ingredient, the wrong solvent or extra ingredients that inactivate the hormone, and other issues. The only safe way to receive the hormone is through an approved clinic.

Potent HCG results in real weight loss

Another important thing to consider is that truly potent HCG results in the maximum amount of weight loss. The HCG products that can be purchased at online pharmacies without a prescription will have very little real HCG in them if any at all, if they are a tablet they may not even be properly formulated to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If the HCG product does not cause a rise in blood levels of the hormone, it is essentially worthless, and even if there are sublingual drops or other products that have some hormone in them, the amount is usually not enough to result in real weight loss. There are few products if any that have the potency and the purity of pharmaceutical grade HCG injections or drops, and pure hormone products are the only ones that are guaranteed to give you the maximum amount of weight loss when on the diet.

Many of the negative stories that you hear about the diet result from using the wrong product

There are a few negative stories about the HCG diet that you might find online from people who have tried the diet but usually purchase a hormone product on their own without a prescription. Some people claim to experience unexpected side effects or other issues that they may attribute to the diet, but if they have not received the hormone from a licensed pharmacy then the chances are that they are experiencing side effects from unknown ingredients or the wrong potency for the hormone. Some dieters don't get the weight loss that they are hoping for when they purchase products from unknown sources, and although the lower price of some of these products can be tempting, the consequences of using them are unknown.

Using the wrong product will waste your time and money

If you choose to use the wrong HCG diet product, you will waste both time and money on a product that will not help you lose the maximum amount of weight possible. In some cases you may barely lose any weight at all if you try the diet without a pure hormone product, and it can even be dangerous. HCG helps the body metabolize fat and ensures that you have a sufficient amount of calories from excess fat throughout the diet. Trying the diet with the wrong product can make it much more difficult and potentially dangerous. The diet is perfectly safe as long as the patient is uses the Simeons HCG diet protocol in combination with a pure hormone product, but if you choose to alter the known safe protocol there is no guarantee that you will have any weight loss, and you may end up having to buy a legitimate diet program anyway.

Unapproved diet programs don't have the right medical supervision

Aside from all of the problems that a low quality hormone product can cause, there is the even bigger issue of a lack of medical supervision with the unlicensed hormone providers. If a company is selling the hormone without a prescription, which is illegal in the United States, the chances are that they also have no licensed medical provider on staff who approves or gives the patients a medical clearance. The lack of medical supervision an end up being a major problem with the diet, because it was never intended to be 100% self-administered.

A licensed provider of the diet will always have medical providers on staff who will approve each patient and ensure that the diet is properly customized for their unique health needs. Also, the diet protocol will be approved and created by the medical providers and will be up to date with the latest clinical research. That is the difference that you will find at Nu Image Medical and other clinics that offer a hormone diet program that has been carefully designed by industry leading medical professionals with years of experience overseeing the diet.

Retailers that do not have medical professionals on staff are taking a risk with their customers' health and are not able to answer questions or make adjustments to the diet safely, and they will also have no idea about the proper dosages or diet requirements. The only safe way to try the diet is under the supervision of a medical provider and with pure pharmaceutical grade HCG. If you are interested in the diet, get more information about the diet program available at Nu Image Medical here.

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