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Why The Loading Days are Necessary

Why The Loading Days are Necessary

Loading Days are Necessary

If you have reviewed the HCG diet protocol or are about to start on the HCG diet you are probably aware that there are three "€œloading days"€ necessary prior to starting the very low calorie diet. These loading days are necessary in order to increase your stores of reserve fat. The loading days are designed to prepare you for the HCG diet and prepare your metabolism for the breakdown of abnormal fat. It may seem a bit strange that the first few days of a diet involve gorging on high fat foods, but it is necessary for a proper start on the diet. If you skip the loading days you may not get the results that you want from the first few days of the diet, and your body will not be prepared for the HCG hormone.

The first few loading days of the diet cannot be skipped because you need to restock your reserve fat, and the HCG hormone takes a few days in order to start working optimally. Many people have low levels of reserve fat even though they may have high levels of abnormal fat. Having proper levels of reserve fat is important for your metabolism while you are on the HCG diet. The HCG diet will only metabolize abnormal fat, but if you don't have reserve fat available your body will be lacking its normal fat stores while you are on the HCG diet.

The loading days will make the diet easier

The loading days makes your transition into the HCG diet much easier, and you will be able to handle the first few days of the diet without much of an issue. By eating large quantities of healthy fats you will be well-prepared for the diet, and the HCG will work better as well. If you aren't sure about what the loading days are, for a quick explanation the loading days involve eating as many high fat natural foods as you can (not junk foods). Peanut butter, cheese, butter, avocados, nuts, full fat cottage cheese, red meat and other meats that are high in fat are good food choices during the loading phase. You essentially eat as many of these foods as you want during the loading phase.

The first few days of the diet will be far easier after you have completed the loading phase, and you won't have too many difficulties with the diet to start. Once you reach about day 2 or 3 of the VLCD you may start to feel some hunger, but your hunger won't be as severe as if you started the diet without loading. Also, loading gives the HCG hormone more time to activate and start burning abnormal fat, and the HCG also reduces your appetite. So, the first few loading days are essential to preparing you for the diet, and shouldn't be neglected.

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