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Where to Inject HCG?

Where to Inject HCG?

Where to Inject HCG?

If you are using the injectable form of HCG for the HCG diet, you may be wondering where to inject HCG. The HCG injection is typically given subcutaneously; which simply means 'under the skin.' Because these injections are only meant to go just below the surface of the skin into fat tissue, the needles are very short, then, and pliable. Some clinics still use an intramuscular route (directly into the muscle) for the HCG injection, but this is not necessary and can be painful to do several days in a row. These needles are typically much thicker, longer, and not easily bent as they have to go straight into muscle tissue bypassing skin and fat tissue. With subcutaneous injection (the preferred method by most), their is little discomfort if the injection is given correctly and special care is taken to keep the needle point straight to avoid bending.

Because subcutaneous (subQ) injections are given into fat tissue, they can actually  be given in several places in the body. Essentially, any place that has some fat accumulation will be successful. Most people prefer injecting the abdomen because it is easy to see and most everyone has some amount of fat tissue there. Injections can be rotated to a different site and/or side each day for comfort.

A common myth of HCG injections is that more fat will "dissolve" from areas where the shot is given. This is incorrect. The HCG does not work as a "spot" treatment for fat like liposuction. The HCG diet does certainly target those hard to get off fat areas of the body such as hips, thighs, and midsection, but it works throughout the body. The injection enters the HCG hormone into to the body so that it can collectively pull fat tissue from all over during the dieting process. It is possible to see some areas of the body, in particular, shrinking during the diet, but that doesn't correlate with where the injection was given. Every person is unique and will lose at different rate and in different ways. Below are a few of the most common sites for a subcutaneous injection.


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