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What is the Vegetarian HCG Diet?

What is the Vegetarian HCG Diet?
There is a vegetarian protocol for the HCG diet that doesn't require meat consumption, and you can modify the original diet protocol with the advice of your medical provider at Nu Image Medical in order to create a customized vegetarian protocol for your specific diet preferences. There isn't a ton of modification needed, as most of the calories that you are consuming on the HCG diet are coming from non-meat sources anyway; the main modification that you will have to make is to substitute an HCG friendly source of protein for meat. There are a few options available to you as we will discuss in this blog, but if you are looking for an option outside of what is mentioned here, you should consult with your medical provider.

On the vegetarian HCG diet you can substitute protein shakes for meat

Nu Image Medical offers protein meal replacements which are exactly 110 calories and have 26 grams of protein per serving. They are the best option for vegetarians and drinking one or two of these protein shakes every day will give you all the protein that you need during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. They are a good option for vegetarian dieters and really the best alternative to meat on the HCG diet because they are formulated by Nu Image Medical and designed to have no additives or other ingredients that could possibly interfere with the diet. You'll get the best weight loss benefits with these protein shakes and they are available in 110 calorie packages so that you know exactly how many calories that you are eating for a particular meal.

Whey protein is the highest quality substitute that you can use for meat on the HCG diet as long as it is sweetened with stevia, but there are very few protein supplements that are flavored with stevia and safe for the HCG diet. It's best to either use the supplements that Nu Image Medical provides or to speak with your medical provider about what other options might work best for you. It's also essential that you get it clarified before you start Phase 2 of the HCG diet so that you aren't confused during the diet and make mistakes with the protocol.

You can use HCG diet recipes without the meat

There are plenty of HCG diet recipes that don't have meat included and you can focus on those recipes, and we have published several of them on our blog. For your protein you can use the meal replacement packs and you'll get the rest of your calories from vegetables and fruit. Make sure that you are getting the minimum 2 fruit and 2 vegetable servings with your diet no matter what modifications that you make, and most importantly be careful about the maximum amount of calories that you're eating every day. You don't want to exceed 500-550 calories whether you are eating meat or not. You can use an online recipe analyzer to estimate the calories of a particular recipe easily if you aren't sure.

The vegetarian HCG diet may be easier than a regular HCG diet

It may even be easier for you to do a vegetarian version of the HCG diet because fruit and vegetables are very filling compared to protein. You'll need to take whey protein to ensure that you're getting the minimum amount of recommended protein which is about 40-50 grams per day. Talk to your medical provider about the minimum amount of protein that you need for Phase 2 of the HCG in terms of grams per day, but you'll very likely need to stick to that range at the very least. Be sure that you are using whey protein meal replacements or any other HCG diet approved protein option while you are on the HCG diet, as the diet will be more difficult without it.

Ask about increasing your vegetable servings

In most cases you will be able to increase your vegetable servings a little to compensate for the lack of protein on the diet, and it's recommended to consume more high protein vegetables like spinach and asparagus. These vegetables are going to be a major source of protein while on the HCG diet and you can slightly increase your intake of them to compensate for the lack of meat on the diet. You can also drink skim milk, which is recommended by Dr. Simeons for vegetarians on the HCG diet, but the whey protein meal replacements are far better because of the higher protein content and lower carbohydrate content.

Don't use any protein powders that aren't sweetened with Stevia

You have to be extremely careful to avoid any protein powders that aren't sweetened with stevia. This is crucial to sticking to the requirements of the diet and so that you don't deviate from the diet. Be careful about this because there are several protein powders that aren't flavored with stevia and use ingredients like sucralose and aspartame that will cause metabolic issues, hormone imbalances and other problems that can affect your weight loss. The best bet is to use the meal replacements offered by Nu Image Medical but if you can't use them then be very careful about whatever protein replacement that you use, and check with your medical provider to make sure that it won't cause any issues with your weight loss on the diet.

Vegan dieters should meet with their medical provider

Vegan dieters have fewer options available for their protein intake, but some options may include tofu, spinach or some lower carbohydrate legumes. The main problem with tofu and legumes is that they may interact with the HCG hormone and cause other metabolic issues, however it is essential that you also get the protein intake that you need. You will still lose a significant amount of weight on a modified vegan HCG diet protocol, it just may be slightly lower than what you would lose if your followed the protocol perfectly. You can still get great results with the HCG diet and it definitely can be modified if you are vegan.

To ask a medical provider any questions about the vegetarian or vegan HCG diet, click here to talk to Nu Image Medical today.

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