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What If I Cheat on the HCG Diet?

What If I Cheat on the HCG Diet?

    Many patients often ask, "€œWhat if I cheat on the HCG diet?"€ "€œWhat will happen?"€ Well, for starters, if you think you may have a hard time sticking fully to a diet plan or find it hard to avoid cheating, the HCG diet may not be the best diet for you. Because of its fat unlocking potential, the HCG diet is one of the most successful weight loss methods available but only if followed correctly and consistently.

    Cheating on the HCG diet can be disastrous. Following the low carb and sugar, 500-calorie diet, while taking the HCG, controls hunger and fat loss and helps maintain a state of ketosis (fat burning for energy). If cheating happens, the body must burn all of the recently eaten calories off first before burning off fat stores. This can cause weight gain, dramatically slow weight loss, and increase hunger. Many times patient's report that they feel occasional cheating will help them to be able to follow the program better or help satisfy a craving. They unfortunately, tend to find that cheating can actually make hunger or a craving worse on HCG and may make them want to cheat even more.

If you have cheated on the HCG diet, don't fret. Unfortunately, you can't reverse what has been done, but you can stop any more damage from being happening. First of all, avoid any more slips. It's easy to keep cheating once you've had a bite or two, but don't give in to the temptation. It will only make matters worse. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water, avoid as much carbs and sugars as possible and stick to the leanest foods on the 500-calorie protocol. For example: cut out the breadstick and choose fish and lettuce verses beef and tomato for dinner. Avoid adding exercise. It makes sense to want to burn those extra calories off, but on the HCG diet exercising will only hinder weight loss not speed it up.  You may try the "€œApple Day"€ or the "€œSteak Day"€ to help recover from cheating, but these options are not always successful and were not originally intended to combat cheating. And lastly, stay focused. Don't let one slip up wreck your whole HCG diet experience. It may take you a couple of days to get back, but if you keep working at, you will get there. It's not a total loss. Don't give up. You're back on the right track now!

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