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What Happens if you Try the HCG Diet Without HCG

What Happens if you Try the HCG Diet Without HCG
Some people have the idea of trying the HCG diet without HCG, however, the diet is not likely to be as effective without the hormone and the patient is very likely to experience many more symptoms. There are various reasons why people consider trying the diet without HCG; some believe that the diet will work without the hormone, and other people believe that the diet may somehow be safer.

Injecting HCG has been proven to make the very low calorie diet more tolerable and helps the body metabolize fat faster, and as a result of this effect it is an important part of the diet that cannot be left out without consequences. Leaving the hormone out of the diet can result in several problems completing the diet, and it may even be dangerous for many people.

The hormone helps your body metabolize abnormal fat

One of the main effects of the HCG hormone is that it helps your body metabolize abnormal fat, and when you avoid using the hormone for the diet your body will metabolize abnormal fat more slowly. When you are trying to lose weight on the HCG diet, your body will burn excess fat but the rate of fat metabolism won't be as fast without the hormone.

The hormone specifically targets abnormal fat and helps the body focus on metabolizing this source of energy as a primary source of calories rather than muscle. Without the hormone it may be more difficult to metabolize abnormal fat, and studies have found that muscle will break down when the hormone is not used.

It is crucial to protect your muscle mass when you are losing weight or are on a very low calorie diet, and several studies have found that the hormone has a protective effect on muscle mass while the weight loss is occurring. It also makes the diet a lot more tolerable because it helps the body break down fat more efficiently.

The result is that the diet is a lot easier when the hormone is injected. Most patients feel that they experience less hunger when they take the injections, and several studies have confirmed that the hormone can reduce the sensation of hunger and that patients are more energetic while injecting it.

The hormone reduces the symptoms of hunger and other symptoms

Those who have never tried a very low calorie diet will find that it is a lot easier with the hormone injections. The hormone reduces symptoms of fatigue and hunger which most people who attempt a very low calorie diet will experience.

Several studies have found that these symptoms are reduced dramatically when the hormone is injected as opposed to trying the diet without the hormone. Although the very low calorie diet is just three or six weeks long, it can be challenging when it is attempted without the hormone, especially the first few weeks when the patient is adjusting to the lower calorie level and the body is transitioning to a ketogenic state.

The reduction of symptoms can't be underestimated; it is often the difference between being able to complete the diet and having to stop early. Symptoms like fatigue and hunger can make it very difficult to get through Phase 2 of the diet, and that's why the hormone is injected throughout this phase. It makes it much more tolerable and easier to complete.

Most people find that they can even complete multiple rounds of the diet without problems and lose the maximum amount of weight each time without having to change the protocol or anything else about the diet, as long as the hormone is regularly injected. Missing just one injection can increase symptoms and avoiding the hormone altogether will give the patient a very difference experience during Phase 2.

The diet may not be safe if it's attempted without the hormone

The HCG diet has been tested and designed for use with HCG hormone injections of 125 to 150 IU per day, depending on the patient. A very low calorie diet is not safe for everyone; you must first be approved for the diet prior to starting it.

Even for those who are approved medical supervision is required. The hormone makes the diet a lot safer and more tolerable for those who attempt it, and studies have found that patients are able to easily transition to the lower calorie amount without having to be concerned about side effects or other problems.

Avoid hormone free HCG products

As a side note, the diet should never be attempted with hormone free HCG products or homeopathic HCG products. None of these products are proven to work with the diet and may have unknown or dangerous ingredients in them. The only safe way to attempt the diet is under medical supervision from an approved diet provider that has the licensed medical professionals to prescribe the hormone.

Attempting the diet any other way is not safe, and purchasing products that claim to have HCG in them or hormone free HCG products can be very dangerous when you are trying the very low calorie diet. Be sure that you get the hormone from a licensed medical provider and that you are properly screened before ever attempting the diet.

The hormone is safe and there's no reason not to use it with the diet

If you are considering trying the HCG diet without the hormone you should definitely reconsider because it is perfectly safe to use for the three or six week very low calorie diet. There have been no reported adverse effects to the hormone, and it is perfectly safe and natural to use for the diet as long as it is pure and the diet is medically supervised.

Ignore the claims that the hormone isn't safe; the only hormone products that aren't safe are the ones that are not produced by licensed pharmacies or the hormone products that claim to have HCG in them but don't have any actual hormone. The only safe way to attempt the diet is by purchasing it with a pure version of the hormone from a licensed medical provider like Nu Image Medical. To learn more about the HCG diet and how it can help you lose weight quickly and safely, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical now.

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