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What Do You Do If The HCG Diet Is Not Working?

What Do You Do If The HCG Diet Is Not Working?
When the protocol for the HCG diet is followed properly, the results can be quite amazing. You will find that you can lose approximately 10 to 40 pounds or more on the HCG diet when you learn the protocol and implement it to your best ability. The protocol is designed to help you safely lose the fastest amount of weight possible, but it can take some time to learn.

If you are struggling with the diet you may find periods of time where you aren't losing weight, but you shouldn't panic or give up on it. There are several ways to deal with HCG diet stalls that you will learn about from Nu Image Medical, and these methods are easy to start implementing. Below are some strategies to implement when the HCG diet is not working, as well as some advice on how to recognize when the diet isn't working.

First make sure that you are following the protocol properly

There are several requirements to the HCG diet protocol, and it can take some time to learn what those requirements are. Make sure that you are following every part of the protocol properly and you will see the best results as quickly as possible. Review the requirements of the protocol if you need to and ask your medical provider questions about anything that you need clarified. You should take the time to read through it before starting the diet, and one advantage of using Nu Image Medical for the HCG diet is the fact that our protocol is very succinct and easy to read. You can get through the whole thing in under one hour while other protocols may take you more time and not be as summarized.

Remember that the protocol not only requires you to stick to a very specific list of fruits, vegetables and protein choices, but you have other requirements as well. You shouldn't consume any artificially or naturally sweetened drinks, you should avoid any cosmetics made with oil, and you should also avoid high fat proteins and any processed foods. There are also strict requirements on your calorie intake; most people are prescribed 500 calories per day on the diet. Although it may not seem like a lot, the hormone helps you stay with this calorie limit and reduces your hunger substantially. By following every requirement of the protocol you will get much more out of the diet and your weight loss will be at the rate that it is supposed to be. You'll also feel better throughout the diet and won't have to deal with plateaus, which we will talk about next.

Dealing with stalls that occur in spite of your best efforts

Although you might follow every requirement of the HCG diet, there occasionally are what seem like stalls on the diet. These are plateaus that can occur for many different reasons. Both men and women can experience water retention during the diet, although it is more common for women, and this water retention can lead to what seems like a plateau. In reality, you will still be burning fat, but your body will have extra weight from retained water. The way to deal with this type of stall and others is with a plateau breaker. A steak day or an apple day can help you flush out excess water if you have water retention and speed up the process of weight loss once again. If you find that your weight loss is stalled for just one or two days don't worry.

After three days of no weight loss, you should try a steak or apple day. A steak day involves eating one large portion of steak for dinner, along with one green apple or tomato and as much water as you want throughout the day. The apple day plateau breaker involves eating nothing but six green apples and drinking as much water as you want. It is your choice which plateau breaker that you would want to try, but either of them can work for you, and you will very likely find that a day or two after the plateau breaker you will start losing weight again. Always be sure to check your weight on a regular basis every day after your plateau breaker. If you find that you still aren't losing weight there may be another problem that you need to address, such as an issue with the protocol.

Narrow down the possibilities when the HCG diet is not working

You need to go through every aspect of the HCG diet and narrow down all the potential areas where you could be slipping up. There can be several, such as eating too many or too few calories, exercising too much, drinking beverages that are sweetened, eating out at restaurants, eating foods with additives chemicals, using condiments that are not approved for the diet, eating packaged foods, using cosmetics that aren't approved or lotions, missing your injection schedule and other problems. You should go through the list of requirements and try to figure out where you might be slipping up. This won't take you very long and you'll very likely be able to find at least one or two areas that you need to improve on, even if you are doing your absolute best. Once you've identified those areas, concentrate on improving them and start making an effort to really follow the protocol to the absolute best of your ability.

You'll probably find that you will get better at the diet as you go along. The requirements of the diet are not very easy to learn in just a few days; you might need a week or two to adjust. That is fine, just remember that you will need to be patient with your weight loss if that is the case and don't expect it to occur that quickly if you are still trying to learn how to implement the diet into your lifestyle. One aspect of the diet that some people neglect is the fact that you will very likely need to cook for the diet, or at least buy pre-packaged HCG diet meals from a company that sells them like Nu Image Medical. Trying to get your diet requirements from packaged foods or restaurant meals just won't work for the diet, and more often than not you will find meals that have ingredients that are not allowable for the diet.

Ask your medical provider for help and advice

If all else fails, you should ask your medical provider for advice on what to do. There can be several medical conditions and other health issues that can cause your weight loss to stall on the diet. Don't panic if you start to stall, but talk to as many educated professionals as you can and get their advice, and they will probably be able to point out specific areas of the diet where you need to improve.

If you have any questions at all about the HCG diet or would like to speak to a medical provider about the reasons why you might be experiencing a stall on the diet, talk to Nu Image Medical today for more information or to ask any questions that you may have.

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