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Using the HCG Diet as a Springboard Toward a Healthier Life

Using the HCG Diet as a Springboard Toward a Healthier Life

The HCG Diet as a Springboard Toward a Healthier Life

The HCG diet offers you one of the quickest ways to lose fat while preserving muscle, and it is one of the most significant steps you can take toward an overall healthier life. Once you complete Phase 2 and 3 of the HCG diet you will not only be thinner, but you will experience the many positive effects of having a lower body fat percentage.

With a lower body fat percentage and BMI you may have the following health benefits and more:

  • A lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • A reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • An improved mood and increased energy levels
  • Less fatigue and difficulties with movement
  • Improved facial aesthetics
  • Improvements with sleep problems and sleep apnea
  • A slimmer figure and less "€œstubborn"€ body fat
  • A more normal blood pressure
  • Lower triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels

The HCG diet can be completed in just 26 to 46 days, making it one of the fastest and most effective diets. It is also not just a fad diet as it has been used for over 60 years to help people improve their health and reduce their body fat levels. Studies have shown that reducing your weight by just 10% can result in major improvements in your overall health, and the HCG diet has the potential to help you lose 10% or more of your current weight both quickly and safely.

Obesity is a major problem in the United States

Obesity has become a major problem in the United States with over 60% of Americans fitting the classification of overweight or obese. Being overweight predisposes a person to a wide range of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and others. However, overweight or obese people who take initiative and reduce their weight by a minimum of 7 to 10% or more can see major improvements in their current health and can substantially reduce their risk of developing one of the illnesses associated with obesity.

By using the HCG diet to reduce your weight, you can reduce your chance of developing heart disease which is currently the number one cause of death and disability in the United States. Cancer is the second leading cause of death and disability and your risk of developing certain types of cancer are reduced when you lose weight. In some cases your health may be so significantly improved that your physician may be able to take you off of blood pressure or cholesterol lowering medications. The HCG diet specifically targets the type of fat that predisposes you to heart disease, cancer and other illnesses, and it is a powerful tool to help you become healthier in just a matter of weeks.

The HCG diet works quickly and effectively

The major benefit of the HCG diet is how quickly it works. In just a matter of 26 days you can lose up to 15 pounds and in only 46 days you can lose 25 to 47 pounds on average. It may seem ridiculous but these are just the average results, and many thousands of people have experienced this dramatic level of fat loss on the HCG diet safely. The diet works well for people of all ages including women who have entered menopause and have experienced the negative effects of a declined metabolism. Men also have a reduced metabolism as they age, and the HCG diet works amazingly well for both men and women to specifically target abnormal fat while sparing lean muscle no matter what age the dieter is.

Incorporate the HCG diet's protocol into your life after the diet is over

Although the HCG diet protocol is only required for the period of time that you are on the diet, there are many aspects of the diet that you can maintain long after the diet is over. For instance, the protocol requires that you consume a portion of fruit and vegetables at every meal. If you maintain this even after the diet is over your overall health will continue to improve, as you should always set aside a significant portion of each meal to include vegetables or fruits. The phytonutrients and other beneficial compounds in fruits and vegetables have many health benefits and can reduce your risk of developing many chronic illnesses while helping you maintain a healthy weight.

The HCG diet requires minimal effort and is a more efficient diet than others

Although you should exercise after the very low calorie diet phase of the HCG diet, you don't need to exercise at all while on the diet. The HCG diet requires minimal effort and it is easy for nearly anyone to try. Other diets regularly fail because they are too narrow in their approach and don't consider all of the important aspects of fat metabolism and energy requirements. The HCG diet has a much more holistic approach than most diets and addresses the areas where other diets fall short. Without the HCG hormone a diet cannot restrict calories safely, and other diets that try to restrict calories end up causing metabolic slowdowns, lean muscle and structural fat losses, and other health problems.

The HCG hormone suppresses the appetite while providing extra energy from metabolized abnormal fat, and the HCG diet is one of the few diets that can incorporate a very low calorie diet without serious side effects. Dieters are able to burn significant quantities of fat without experience the starvation and lack of energy that they would on other diets because HCG mobilizes abnormal fat to provide all of the calories needed to sustain daily activity and biological processes. Basically there are few if any other diets that can match the fast and safe targeted fat loss results of the HCG diet without resulting in metabolism damage or other health issues.

The HCG diet truly is a "€œspringboard"€ for a healthier life and it can be used by nearly anyone to catalyze major lifestyle and health improvements. It can be repeated safely (as long as there are six week breaks between each diet cycle), and it provides dieters with fast results that can truly make a difference in their overall health and well-being. With reduced susceptibilities to serious chronic illnesses, major improvements in your facial and body appearance, improved mobility and energy levels, and more, the HCG diet offers a wide range health benefits that can be achieved in a very short period of time.


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