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Top Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce

Top Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce


  • Not up for gardening? We may just change your mind!

Top Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce! Growing your own produce is becoming a huge trend.  And understandably so, the payoff can be quite astonishing. If you're on the HCG diet or just trying to eat more cleanly and incorporate a few more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet, you may be interested to know  some of the great benefits that growing your own produce can bring.


Budget Friendly

The average household would most likely agree that a good-sized chunk of their income is spent on food. Most feel it is much more than they wish or should have to spend each month. Grocery store prices have risen so high in recent years. And in a depressed economy, everyone is looking for a way to cut back, reduce spending, and try to live on less. Unfortunately, the grocery bill is just something we can't do without, and it can be difficult to cut back while still eating healthy. Fresh supermarket produce can be extremely expensive, but purchasing a small packet of seeds can cost very little and can supply large amounts fresh, delicious food.


Saves Time

You may not believe that growing your own food can be a time saver, but it certainly can be much more convenient than you might think. Being able to pick food right from your own backyard saves a ton of time usually spent in long grocery checkout lines as well as time lost in traffic.


More Food Variety

Growing your own food also gives you the option to enjoy a larger variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There's nothing worse than gathering ingredients for a recipe and then realizing your grocer doesn't carry or is out of the produce you needed. Growing food at home eliminates this problem. You know what you have at all times and it can be much easier to plan your meals around what's available. Doing this, can save you a whole lot of time and frustration.

And along with more food variety, you have the option to grow more of the foods you like and use more of!



Great Exercise

Growing your own food is a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air. Gardening can actually be an excellent workout as well as a great way to reduce stress. It can also be a great way to spend time with family and enjoy time outside together. Research has even proved that the smell of plants and flowers can even produce mood-enhancing endorphins.



The produce you grow at home is much more healthy for you than what you typically find in the grocery store. This organic produce will not contain pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and strange chemicals that could be potentially be harmful to you and your family. It can be very comforting to know where you food came from and what all was involved before it got to you. Organic foods also have much higher levels of antioxidants and better nutritional benefit. Studies have also shown that families who grow their own food eat more fruits and vegetables each day and eat them in much larger quantities because they are more readily available and easy to get to.


Unbeatable Taste & Quality

Once you've tasted the richness of flavor from a fruit picked right from the tree in its ripest and purest form, you may never want to buy store produce again! There is no food fresher than what you've harvested from your own garden.  Supermarket produce may sit on the shelves for a long time before it makes its way to your table. This loss of time not only decreases its nutritional value, but may affect taste as well!


Whether you have several acres ofland or just a small balcony, you have the potential to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. A little bit of effort just may produce a lifetime of rewards. Give it a try; you just may be a born gardener after all! Worst-case scenario, you lose a couple of dollars on seeds"€¦Best-case scenario, you trim hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year from your grocery bill all while getting a little healthier. Worth a try, right? We think so.


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