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Tips for the HCG Diet Loading Days

Tips for the HCG Diet Loading Days

The HCG Diet Loading Days

During the first two days of the HCG diet, you are instructed (by most protocols) to eat as many high fat foods as possible. Some protocols allow dieters to eat junk foods and processed foods, but most sensible protocols will advise you to eat natural sources of fat. Gorging is more focused on eating foods that are high in fat rather than foods that are high in carbs or protein. Gorging is only performed for two days in most cases, and three days in some cases, and the gorging may be preceded by a colon cleanse to help the body prepare for the diet and to eliminate toxins and the buildup of unhealthy bacteria in the colon. Again, the purpose of gorging isn't to eat as many unhealthy foods as possible (a common misconception); it is intended to help the body prepare for the diet and to use natural organic foods as sources of reserve fat.

An overview of why HCG diet gorging is important

The gorging days on the HCG diet are important because you need to prepare your body for the diet and build up your reserve fat levels. Reserve fat levels can decline several different ways such as your diet and through exercise, but gorging can help you restore these important fat levels. Reserve fat is necessary for the hormone to work properly; if you don't have the proper reserve fat levels the hormone may not specifically target abnormal fat. Gorging also makes the first week of the diet much more manageable as you switch to a very low calorie diet, and if you skip the first few gorging days you will notice that the diet is much more difficult.

Be sure to take HCG during the loading days

During the loading days of the HCG diet you need to continue to take injections of the HCG hormone as advised by your medical provider. Another one of the main purposes of the loading days is to help your body adjust to the hormone, and if you neglect injecting HCG during the loading days your body won't have the opportunity to do so. By taking HCG during the loading days, it will give the hormone the ability  to start targeting abnormal fat and once you drop down in calories for the very low calorie diet portion you will already be metabolizing abnormal fat. The loading days helps "€œunlock"€ the abnormal fat for metabolism, and you should take no more or less than the amount recommended by your medical provider for the most benefit. Also, be sure to ask your medical provider if you have any questions at all about how to inject the hormone properly.

Stick to natural sources of fat

Natural sources of fat are highly recommended for the first two loading days of the diet instead of processed foods or processed vegetable oils. Consuming vegetable oils or processed oils can even have a detrimental impact on your weight loss because of their negative effects on fat metabolism and your health. During the loading days is usually no specific limit on the number of calories that you should eat, but you shouldn't go overboard with it. Just eat more than what you're used to and stick to natural fatty foods like avocados, full fat dairy products like cheese, butter and yogurt, nuts, nut butters, olive and coconut oil, eggs, and fatty fish. Also avoid eating high sodium foods, and if you have any dietary concerns be sure to bring them up to your medical doctor. Don't start eating a bunch of fatty desserts or foods that are high in vegetable oil or potentially harmful oils like soybean, cottonseed oil, fake butters and margarine, or safflower oil; it is healthy sources of fat that you want to use as reserve fuel for when you are on the diet

Don't eat too many carbs

The point of the loading days is to restore reserve fat levels so that the first week of the diet is easier, so you don't want to eat too many carbohydrate rich foods. You will likely gain a few pounds during the first few loading days, but you may gain even more weight if you eat a bunch of carbs as well. Carbs can always lead to fast weight gain and although you will lose the weight that you put on almost regardless, if you are really trying to get the most out of the diet you should stick to high fat natural foods. You can expect to gain about three to six pounds no matter what, and some of that weight may be water weight if you eat a bunch of high sodium foods.

Be sure to get enough fiber

During the two loading days it can be easy to neglect fiber intake, so be sure that you are eating foods with fiber along with the high fat foods that you need to eat. Basically if you eat enough vegetables and fruit during the loading days, your fiber intake should be adequate, but you might even consider taking a natural fiber supplement. A few salads during the loading days are another option for fiber, and you should also be sure to increase your water intake to help with digestion and to avoid water retention. A detox is often recommended as well prior to starting the loading days, and a detox can definitely help with digestion and to prepare your body for the diet, but a detox should only be performed under the supervision of a medical provider.

Skipping the loading days can make the diet much more difficult

HCG has a wide range of different effects on the body, many of which are still being studied, but it is known that the hormone helps improve fat metabolism and many medical professionals believe that it needs to be injected for a few days prior to any diet protocol. Informal studies and clinical observations have shown that HCG is more effective for weight loss when it is injected for a few days prior to the start of the diet. Patients who start the diet without loading often do not lose as much weight during the first week of the diet, and they may suffer from unnecessary hunger and other side effects that the hormone would otherwise reduce.

If you choose to skip the loading days, the diet can be much more difficult than necessary and the first week of the diet can be a lot more challenging. Loading helps you get started on the right foot and will help ensure a successful diet with minimal side effects. If you have any questions about the loading days or any other aspect of the diet, speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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