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Time Between hCG Diet Rounds

Time Between hCG Diet Rounds


Time Between hCG Diet Rounds

There are two different hCG diet programs. There's the 26 day program, and the 46 day program. Which program to go with comes down to one question: How much weight do you need to lose? In cases where more than 15 to 18 pounds are needed, then the 26 day program will be more than enough. In cases where more weight than the aforementioned 15-18 pounds are needed, then the 46 day hCG diet program will be needed. The interesting thing about the hCG diet is that it is the one rapid weight loss program available that is designed to help patients of all sizes, and weight loss needs. If you're looking for where to buy hCG (we prefer you go with us), please make sure that no matter who you choose, that they follow these simple principles:

The 6 week period between rounds hCG diet injections, troches, and drops

In order to make sure your body doesn't build any sort of immunity to the hCG, it is recommended to allow a period of 6 weeks between rounds of the hCG diet.

This means that there should be a period of six weeks between the last day of your very low calorie diet and your next round of hCG. In order to get the most out of your second round of the hCG diet, you should really pay close attention to what you consume during phase 3 of the protocol (aka. maintenance period). Once you're done with your maintenance and go through the following three weeks under a "regular" diet, you will be ready to start your Tecond of hCG.

Make sure to follow these rules, it is usually recommended to order your hCG in advance to make sure you actually follow through with your second round of the hCG diet program.

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