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The Top 5 Tips to Help You Survive the Summer on the HCG Diet

The Top 5 Tips to Help You Survive the Summer on the HCG Diet

Summer on the HCG Diet

It's here! It's here! It's SUMMERTIME!!! If you're like us, you've probably been counting down the days until you can take a few days off, go on a family trip, or just get out and enjoy some relaxing warmth and sunshine.

But if you're on the HCG diet, you may want to map out a plan before you dive head first into a pool of dieting disaster.

Here's a list of some of the top 5 best tips to help you survive the summer on HCG"€¦

(Trust me, you'll be thanking us later when you get that amazing beach tan AND incredible body to match:)

#1 Protect your HCG from the heat!

All of our HCG (with the exception of the oral pellets) at Nu Image Medical is shipped unmixed. We do this for a few reasons. #1- You may not want to start the diet right away, and it shouldn't be mixed until you are ready to take a dose. And #2 we don't want mixed HCG to be exposed to the elements a.k.a.--heat. Once mixed, HCG will begin to lose its potency if left without refrigeration longer than 6 hours. So make a note to make sure your HCG goes back in the refrigerator after each injection/dose. If you're traveling, keeping your HCG in a good insulated cooler with a firm and lasting gel or ice block should do the trick, and make sure to check on it often. The HCG shouldn't be frozen, but it should never get hot or be left unattended. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to consider the HCG oral pellets vs. the drops and injections. The pellets do not require mixing or refrigeration which makes them super portable and easy for on the go.

#2 Traveling & vacation

First off, let me just say that it's always best to plan your vacation around the HCG diet not during. No one wants to be dieting on vacation! And chances are, even with the best intentions of following the diet strictly, this almost always proves disappointing. Then, all you're left with is a heap of guilt and an extra pound or two to top it off. You're always better off planning the diet before or after the trip. That being said, life happens, and sometimes unexpected things come up and we have to stop the diet. If this happens to you, don't panic- call the staff at Nu Image Medical immediately. They can carefully get off the HCG so that you hopefully don't see any unexpected weight gain. Remember, that ordering thru Nu Image Medical gets you access throughout the day to licensed professionals that are HCG experts. Don't go it alone. It's always better to ask for help.

#3 Parties, cookouts, & get-togethers!oh my

Summertime means parties, cookouts, and group fun for most people. However, this can be quite the challenge for the HCG dieter. Just because you're on the HCG diet doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself from all the fun. Food prep is KEY here"€¦ Try eating your prepared HCG meal before you go to a party or get together. This will help keep you full and help you avoid other food temptation that you otherwise might be convinced to try with a growling, empty stomach. Or, you can try saving some of your veggies or fruit from your earlier meal or even your protein and take it with you to the party so that you can eat along with everyone else. Having a drink to hold and partake in also helps"€¦ Try a plain, sparkling water sweetened with fresh lemon and/or Stevia drops. It's a great refresher while relaxing by the pool!

# 4 Oils, lotions, & sunscreens

The HCG diet during the summertime can raise some serious questions when it comes to sun protection and dry skin. Let's face it, none of us want to walk around "€œashy-looking"€ or sunburnt, right? You can drive yourself crazy trying to pick apart ingredients when it comes to certain every day products on HCG. The main thing to remember is this"€¦.Oil that's absorbed into your skin reacts the same way that oil eaten and digested in certain foods does. Oil can cause weight stalls and in extreme cases, weight gain. Look for lotions and sunscreens that are labeled oil free. In most oil free sunscreens, an ingredient called Avobenzone will help protect your skin against UVA/UVB rays without oil additives that could wreck the diet. If body lotion is needed, mineral oil based products tend to work best- as mineral oil does not fully absorb into the skin like other oils do. However, EVERY product used on the HCG diet should be used minimally, and weight gain/loss should be monitored thoroughly.

# 5 Have fun, but avoid the diet roller coaster.

Sadly, some HCG dieters love to hop on the HCG diet roller coaster"€¦ Meaning, they get on HCG, follow for a few days, cheat a little (or a lot) here and there, and then get back on the diet again. -Only to get to the end of their program and have little to know results. They may even see some weight gain. Yikes. Don't be like this group"€¦ Remember, the more times you introduce HCG into your body, the more your body will begin to recognize the hormone, and thus it may stop working as well. Also, it's important to follow the HCG diet for the full 26 or 46 days. Stopping the diet at 32 days for example, may mean that you don't stabilize well, and you may run into some trouble keeping  the weight you have lost off. There is a reason that the diet exists in these two lengths, thus it's probably best not to mess with this winning formula.

On the other hand, dieting is tough. HCG dieting is even more so, and HCG dieting during the summer"€¦Well, you get the idea"€¦it's just plain hard! So cut yourself some slack. You're only human. (No, we are NOT giving you license to cheat, my friends:) However, we ARE saying, that if you make a mistake, shrug it off, pick yourself back up and keep on going. Too many times people say, "€œOh well. I already messed up so I might as well"€¦"€ And that's just  not the best way to look at things. One slip doesn't have to dictate your final outcome on the diet. Summertime brings a lot of temptations for dieters, so it's important to do your best to prepare, exert some will power, and try your best while on HCG.

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