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The Skinny or Not So Skinny on Loading with the HCG Diet

The Skinny or Not So Skinny on Loading with the HCG Diet

Skinny or Not So Skinny on Loading with the HCG Diet

So, you're about to start the HCG diet with the specific goal in mind to lose weight and lose it fast. And then you find out you have to eat more and gain more weight before you lose it. That can't be correct, right? This concept can initially be very confusing and contradicting for any HCG dieter. However, there is specific and important reason behind this first step, and there is a much more effective way to do it. Loading on the HCG diet, also referred to as gorge days, is the starting point and also a foundation to the HCG program. Many dieters skip over the loading days entirely or simply do them incorrectly. Unfortunately, these common errors can impede success on the HCG diet program.

The first step in making sure loading is done correctly is to first understand the basic loading protocol. Proper loading on the HCG diet consists of actual food "€œloading"€ or eating to capacity the first couple days of the diet. The next step in proper loading is understanding the purpose or reason for loading. Loading is not a free for all. Meaning, these designated days are not meant to help get bad habits out of the way before getting serious about losing weight. Ironically though, it is often viewed as just such. It takes 2-3 days of taking the hormone for HCG to properly get into the body and start pulling stored fat into the bloodstream for energy use and sustenance. Patients who are currently dieting or have been sticking to lower calorie regimens must eat to capacity the first few days of the diet. And generally speaking, this recommendation is for anyone wishing to start HCG. Sticking comfortably to a 500-calorie diet will not be possible during the first few days unless fat stores are well supplied. Patients that do not load on HCG, typically experience extreme fatigue and hunger and have difficulty staying on the program. Unfortunately, if loading/gorging is done without taking HCG then loading will have to be repeated until the HCG is within the body properly.

There is sometimes an underlying psychological effect for some patients while loading. Some report that loading up on an array of fatty, unhealthy foods was just enough to make them not want those foods for a long time; much like the side effects experienced with a hangover that pushes off the desire for alcohol for awhile. Others say that the loading was difficult for them because it caused them to revert back to old habits that they tried hard to stay away from. Whatever the case, loading is still an important part of success on the HCG diet. However, there is a way to tackle it in order to achieve all the benefits while minimizing the unfortunate side effects.

Know that there is a difference between loading and binging. Many patients get excited about loading, but loading incorrectly can be as disastrous as not loading at all. Remember, everything gained will eventually have to be lost before original weight goes down. Typically this loss happens quickly within the first few days of the VLCD (very low calorie diet). However, if the gain is substantial, it can take much longer, and that means your cutting into your time on the diet. The ultimate goal is to feel the best you can while on the HCG diet without spending half of your HCG round trying to get rid of what you gained while you loaded. A typical, normal weight gain is around 3-4 lbs. The types of foods chosen during loading also determines the outcome. Most patients make the mistake of focusing purely on high carb, high-refined sugar foods such as donuts, ice cream, cake, candy, etc. It is perfectly fine to incorporate some foods like ice cream that you might miss later on, but make sure that it doesn't completely make up your loading. Appropriate loading should mostly be made up of fats. These fats do not have to be unhealthy choices such as burgers and fries. Foods such as avocados, almonds, cheese, olive oil, steak, etc. are examples of some healthy fats that will still provide adequate calories for loading. It has also been noted that patients who loaded mainly on high carb, high sugar foods experienced more hunger when decreasing to 500 calories. Focusing on high fat can better curb cravings and help avoid the symptoms associated with carb withdrawal.

Ultimately, loading is an important part of the HCG diet, and if done correctly, can be a very effective way of ensuring success and making the diet much easier to adhere to. If you wish to get started with the HCG Diet, click here.

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