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The Loading Phase of the hCG Diet: How to Load Successfully

The Loading Phase of the hCG Diet: How to Load Successfully

Phase One of the hCG diet typically referred to as the Loading or Gorging Phase, is the crucial first stage of the hCG diet protocol. Although, the Loading Phase only last three days, it prepares your body for the low-calorie dietary requirements that are how you achieve dramatic weight loss during Phase Two. 


Day One of the hCG Diet: The Loading Phase


On day one of the hCG diet protocol, you will start taking the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) drops, injections, or tablets. It takes 72 hours for the hCG to begin pulling fat from your body’s reserves. Loading your body with fatty foods during Phase One lets the fat circulate through your system so that the hCG utilizes the higher fat foods while it also prepares to sap your physical reserves. The hormone prevents you from experiencing fatigue and excessive hunger when you embark on Phase Two of the protocol which involves dropping your calorie intake to 500 calories per day. 


Loading Phase: High Calorie and High Fat Foods


During the Loading Phase, you are encouraged to eat as much food as you want. Ideally, you should choose high-calorie foods. The 72 hours of Phase One helps your body cope with the low-calorie requirement of Phase Two, so you can physically transition and start to shed the pounds. 


Why Load Up on High Fat and High Calorie Foods? 


Here are the reasons why you need to load up on fat physically: 


  • Prevents your body from experiencing the effects of starvation mode
  • Prepares you physically and mentally for the lack of calories needed during Phase Two.
  • Prevents you from suffering cravings during Phase Two.
  • Helps prepare your liver and other body organs for Phase Two.
  • Increases any missing fat reserves that you may have depleted during other unsuccessful diet plans. 


Never Overeat During the Loading Phase


During the Loading Phase, you should never gorge yourself to the point of sickness. Merely eat until you feel full. It is not unusual to gain between two to four pounds during this first step of the dietary process. Most of the weight gain that you experience will quickly disappear within the early five days of Phase Two. 


Choose Healthy High Fat Foods to Load Up


Ideally, you should choose to consume higher fat foods during Phase One. However, this does not mean that the fatty foods you consume should be unhealthy. Many foods are high in fat but also nutritious such as avocados, eggs, cheese, and almonds. You should avoid high carb foods such as cakes, donuts, and chips because they leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry. Also, sugary foods are highly addictive for the body, so you will suffer a withdrawal period when you enter Phase Two if you have focused your Phase One menu only on high carb choices. 


Undoubtedly, starting Phase One of the hCG diet is an exciting time. You know that with dedication and commitment you will begin to lose weight rapidly. If you have any questions about the Loading Phase, please contact the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical.

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