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The Health Benefits of HCG Approved Foods

The Health Benefits of HCG Approved Foods

Benefits of HCG Approved Foods

HCG approved foods are the foods that are allowable while on the HCG diet, and these foods were carefully selected by the diet's creator, Dr. Simeons, because of their many health benefits and weight loss benefits. HCG approved foods are rich with vitamins and minerals and are satisfying and filling, and most importantly they are low in calories and fat-free or very low in fat. These foods are designed to help you lose the maximum amount of weight while on the three or six week very low calorie diet, and if you stick to eating them you are very likely to lose the most weight that you've ever lost in your life in such a short period of time. The health benefits of these foods are many, and when you try a round of the HCG diet you will very likely notice a difference in your health during and after the diet is over.

All of the HCG diet foods are low calorie

HCG diet foods were purposely selected to be very low in calories per serving. The fruits and vegetables that are allowed on the diet have a low calorie and sugar content so that dieters can have large servings without adding very many calories into their diet. The portion sizes for protein are carefully selected so that two servings per day won't exceed 500 to 550 calories (with the fruit and vegetable servings included), and the protein options are also low in fat and calories. In general, the vegetable options have the lowest amount of calories per serving while the fruit and protein choices are slightly higher, but you should check the calorie content of every food that you eat on the diet and carefully measure your servings. The low calorie foods make the diet easy to complete when combined with the hormone.

HCG diet foods have a detoxifying effect

Many of the foods on the HCG diet can have a detoxifying effect and help clean up free radicals, toxins, chemicals and other harmful compounds that can build up in your body after eating a poor diet for a long period of time. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit, all of which are allowed on the HCG diet are rich in vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, and citrus fruits are normally included with any detox protocol. Other foods like cabbage and spinach also help clear up free radicals in the body and are rich in fiber which helps to clean the digestive system. In general, taking a break from low quality processed food will give your body a chance to rest and reset, and your metabolism and digestive system will benefit from the break.

HCG diet vegetables are excellent for losing weight

The vegetable options on the HCG diet like cabbage, lettuce, spinach, greens, fennel, cucumber, and asparagus are all high in fiber and very filling in spite of being low in calories. It may even seem to some that the 500 calorie limit per day is too low, but the vegetable servings on the diet make this low calorie limit easy to handle. Eating two servings of these vegetables will keep you full throughout the day, combined with the fruit and protein. The vegetables also help detox the body and are a great source of minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants. None of the allowed vegetables interfere with the effectiveness of the hormone, which is important. The hormone burns enough calories from abnormal fat to keep your energy levels high, and combined with the HCG diet vegetables you will lose weight very quickly while resetting your fat metabolism.

HCG diet proteins also help you lose weight

The protein choices that you are allowed on the HCG diet are all low in fat and great options for losing weight. The diet only allows low fat protein sources because some of the higher fat options can cause weight gain and interfere with the hormone. The proteins on the diet have a high protein content per serving, and just a small 3.5 ounce serving of each one is enough to keep you full during the diet. The portion sizes are carefully controlled and combined with the HCG diet fruits and vegetables so that each meal is balanced and satisfying while also not being too high in calories. You do have to stick to the list of approved protein options on the HCG diet, but as long as you do this you will lose weight much faster than you would eating higher fat protein sources, and if you stick to these protein sources after the diet is finished it can be beneficial for losing weight in the long term.

HCG diet fruits are filling and detox the body

As previously mentioned, grapefruit oranges and lemons are excellent for weight loss and can help reset your fat metabolism. Apples and strawberries are also allowed on the diet, and both of these fruits have also been shown to have a detoxifying effect. Strawberries are rich in anti-oxidants along with many other berries, and their high fiber content helps to keep you full. Green apples are also a beneficial detoxifying food, and they are used as a plateau breaker because of this effect, but you can also eat them during the diet to improve your fat metabolism. The high fiber content in apples is very satisfying, and there are dozens of minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals in apples. The soluble fiber in HCG diet fruits can help remove harmful compounds and metals from the body, and they will help your body recover quickly from any metabolic damage that you may have as the result of a poor diet.

Avoid adding in processed foods

Although the HCG diet foods are all excellent for your health, you will need to completely avoid any processed forms of these foods to really have the best results on the diet. For example you can find oranges and apples that have been preserved or otherwise processed, but this won't work with the HCG diet and any additives can cause serious problems with your weight loss or affect the hormone. You have to be extra vigilant on the diet and completely avoid any foods that have additives. Essentially, you will want to buy all of your HCG diet foods as whole foods, and although you might have to shop once or twice a week, you won't have to worry about any harmful effects of eating processed foods.

Get familiar with the food list before you start

It's important to get familiar with the HCG diet food list before you start the diet. You don't have to know all of the health benefits of these foods, but learning about which foods are allowed and which foods are prohibited will certainly help you get through the diet successfully. Spend a few hours to read the protocol thoroughly and make a list of the allowable foods, and also experiment with some recipes before you start the diet. If you don't think that you can find the foods that you need locally, you can always purchase our HCG diet food delivery program, which is an affordable and convenient way to get all of your HCG diet meals delivered to your home.

Stick to organic varieties

Organic HCG diet foods are always the best option for the diet. This can be difficult to find all of the time, but it's more important to find organic vegetables and fruits. The general guideline is that if the skin of the vegetable or fruit is edible, you will definitely want to buy it organic. This includes most of the HCG diet vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, radishes, and cucumbers (if you eat the skin), as well as strawberries and apples.

When it comes to HCG diet protein choices, most of the fish are perfectly fine to eat no matter what type you buy, but you usually will want to avoid any farm raised options and stick to wild caught fish. Try to stick to organic beef, veal and chicken, because the hormones and additives in non-organic varieties can potentially interfere with the HCG hormone and cause problems with your weight loss. The effort that you put into finding organic foods will be well worth it because it really does make a difference with the speed of your weight loss, and you will likely avoid any problems or plateaus on the diet when you stick to organic, whole foods throughout phase 2 and phase 3. For more information about the HCG diet or start a round today, click here to order it now.


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