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The HCG Diet vs the Atkins Diet

The HCG Diet vs the Atkins Diet
The HCG diet is known for being one of the most popular diets in recent years, but at one point the Atkins diet was also very popular. Some wonder whether or not the HCG diet is effective like the Atkins diet, as many people lost weight with the Atkins diet and it more or less proved to be relatively successful based on some testimonials.

The Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate diet that is not very similar to the HCG diet, and although you may be able to lose some weight with an Atkins diet, depending on the type of diet that you try, you are more likely to lose more weight faster with the HCG diet. More details will be discussed in this article about the HCG diet vs the Atkins diet.

High fat, high calorie diets don't work for everyone

One important thing to remember about the Atkins diet is the fact that it is high calorie, high protein, and high fat while being extremely low in carbohydrates. This type of diet may often work for a younger person, but it doesn't work for everyone.

Even younger dieters may experience difficulties with weight loss with diets like the Atkins diet. It's certainly not guaranteed to work for everyone. Many dieters on the Atkins diet think that they can consume as many calories as they want without negative effects simply because they are restricting their carbohydrate intake, but that's hardly what happens in the majority of cases.

Consuming excess fat and protein can definitely lead to weight gain, and because everyone has a different metabolic type, it's not a method that will work for every single person. Some people may experience some weight loss, but because the requirements of the Atkins diet are so loose, many dieters will be way too liberal with it and simply eat too many calories to lose weight effectively.

You have to really customize the diet to your metabolic type based on the types of fat and protein that you know you can eat without gaining weight, and if you aren't restricting your calories to some degree you're going to find it very difficult to actually get real results with the Atkins diet.

The HCG diet is proven to work for the vast majority of people

Virtually every patient that completes a round of the HCG diet without changing the protocol up or cheating will lose a significant amount of weight. The diet is certainly one of the strictest in terms of its allowable foods and daily calorie requirements, but it's by far one of the most effective diets available anywhere.

No matter what your metabolic type is or what your results have been with other diets, you can expect to lose a significant amount of weight on the HCG diet and you won't have to worry about adjusting the protocol or otherwise customizing it for you. It's effective no matter what as long as you stick to the requirements, and you'll start to see results almost immediately.

With the Atkins diet you have to decide how many daily calories that you are going to consume, you very often won't have medical supervision or consultation at all, if you cheat on the Atkins diet it can be difficult to start losing weight again, and in many cases you may find that the diet hardly works at all for you.

Although many people have found that the Atkins diet or a similar type of low carb, high fat high protein diet is good for maintaining weight, fewer people have found it effective for actually losing weight. The HCG diet is known specifically for its ability to cause rapid weight loss, and it's one of the best diets for this by far.

The HCG diet is faster than the Atkins diet

You'll start to see real results with the diet very quickly and you won't want to try other diets after you see how much weight you can lose in such a short period of time.  The Atkins diet is simply not as fast, and although some may feel like it's easier, you may have to spend months upon months to get the same results that you can get in just weeks with the HCG diet.

Losing up to 15 pounds in just three weeks or up to 40 pounds or more in six weeks is more than possible with the HCG diet, and the Atkins diet simply won't give you the same results.  After the HCG diet is over, you might consider a variation of the Atkins diet to try to maintain your weight, but in general it's better to follow healthy eating guidelines rather than a specific diet for the rest of your life, unless you have to diet as a result of a medical condition.

On the HCG diet you can transition to a healthy eating lifestyle, and from there you can start improving your eating habits and avoiding foods that cause weight gain to stabilize your weight. If you need to lose more weight you can always repeat the HCG diet. The Atkins diet is often ineffective to the point that staying on it doesn't make much of a difference, and if you find that your weight is just stabilizing or you are losing a very low amount of weight, then you'll definitely want to try a more proven diet.

Picking an accurate Atkins diet can be confusing

There are over a hundred different variations of the Atkins diet, and with so many different variations it can be confusing to try to narrow them down and pick one that will work well for you. The original Atkins diet was based on clinical research in the same way that the HCG diet was, but you'll find several variations of the Atkins diet that have modified the protocol significantly.

The HCG diet at providers like Nu Image Medical is closely based on the original protocol, so there will be a much greater chance that you will lose weight with our diet, as it is based on real clinical research and has proven to be effective for almost every patient. For more information about the HCG diet and how it can help you lose weight, and some of its benefits compared to the Atkins diet, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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