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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

The Daily Impact of a Healthy Diet

The Daily Impact of a Healthy Diet

Paying attention to your daily nutrition is important, but all too often people find excuses to get out their responsibility of following a careful diet. Things like “ I can’t afford to be healthy” or “ I don’t know how to make healthy choices” are some of the common excuses, but no matter what the excuse may be, ignoring your nutritional needs gets in the way of a happy, healthy life.

Functioning With Fat

For most people, following a diet protocol is about losing weight. Those carrying around excess fat around the middle or who struggle with an unhealthy BMI tend to have more health problems than those who maintain a healthy weight. For those who are considered obese, there are often reduced energy levels, sleep disruptions, and difficulty in breathing. The body’s immune system is more easily compromised, and there is a drastic increase in the risk of developing heart disease, having a stroke, suffering from high blood or high cholesterol. Too much fat on the body can impair an active lifestyle, affecting work performance and social interactions. As a whole, life becomes more difficult to manage when you are dealing with excess fat and an unhealthy weight. The most effective journey to weight loss is through a rigorous, structured eating protocol and diet plan, much like the HCG diet, and increased activity levels. It is easiest to start by making changes to your daily consumption, and before long, you will see the impact diet has on the different areas of life.

Your Energy Levels

If you are altering your meal plan by removing sugary, highly processed foods for more nutrient-rich selections, you give your body the fuel it needs to make it through the day. Whether it's a morning workout, mowing the lawn, or sitting through a work conference, your diet directly impacts your energy levels. The excuses you may have used about being too tired and not having enough time to be healthy fly out the window when you deed your body lean proteins, whole grains, and fruits or vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals. Paying careful attention to your diet can give you the power you need to tackle difficult tasks or head out for a round of golf with the guys. Your energy levels can impact work performance, social engagements, and even your sex life, so watching your diet is important.

Your Aging Journey

Time is always marching on, but your diet has a lot to do with how young you both look and feel. Lifestyle changes are a small part of an anti-aging protocol, as a proactive dietary approach is a significant factor contributing to longevity. Giving nutrition some extra attention long before you reach your golden years can boost your immune systems, helping the body fight against diseases or cancers. Certain nutrients also work to combat degenerative changes associated with aging, and proactively filling your plate with the right combination of foods can give you a head start to prevent muscle or bone loss, hearing or vision loss, and things like bad cholesterol or inflammation. Looking and feeling younger can lead to a renewed sense of passion and purpose for living, bolster feelings of happiness, and improve your self-confidence.

Your Weight

Many people realize the importance of a diet for losing weight, but monitoring your diet can help you maintain control of your weight. Making choices about which foods you consume, how often you eat, and the portion sizes for your selections have a lot to do with achieving a healthy weight and stabilizing your BMI in an optimum range. As mentioned, choosing nutritious foods fuels the body, making it easier to tackle a workout or stick with your activity regimen. Lowering your weight makes it a lot easier to consistently take up exercises or hobbies like racquetball or tennis, but you can get to that point through consistently paying attention to your diet. When you watch what you eat and make good choices, you also reduce the likelihood of snacking or overeating, as well as giving in to binges or junk-food cravings.

Your Cognitive Function

Your mental focus and clarity of mind are impacted by your diet. Children are often encouraged to eat “brain food,” but filling up on nutrient-rich isn’t just for kids in school. Foods like nuts, avocados, seeds, and fish are full of brain-boosting nutrients called omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. When you feed your body these nutrients, you feed your mind and improve your cognitive functions. You can improve your short-term memory, you enhance critical thinking or memory skills, and you raise your response or processing time.

Each of these areas work together to create a healthier, happier you. Making one dietary change at a time truly has the power to change your life.


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