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Stop Dieting Failure Before It Begins

Stop Dieting Failure Before It Begins

Losing weight is a journey, and before you begin, you need to speak a few words of truth into your life. You are not fat; your body simply has excess fat.  You should not be ashamed about where your health stands, as the number on the scale does not determine your worth. Everyone wants to look their best, and in a society bent on oversharing their every move, outfit, dinner, date, and vacation experiences, it can be easy to start comparing your failures to others’ successes. If you have this mindset before you set out to lose weight, your diet or health regimen is destined to fail before it even begins. Weight loss is an individual journey with individual goals and unique challenges and successes. You will get to where you need to be. It will take one step at a time and some hard work, but you can do it. If you are ready to make a change and improve your quality of life, these tenets of dieting can help you get to your goal.

1. It’s a Lifestyle

You can’t just look at a diet as a temporary fix to what is often a deeper problem than just a few extra pounds. If you really want to shed the weight and keep it off, you need to adopt a new mentality that will change the way you think about food. A short-term calorie reduction and crazy exercise schedule can help you lower the scale numbers, but this success could be fleeting if you haven’t committed to altering your eating and activity patterns.

2. Immediate Results Are Motivating

Research is showing that first-month weight loss numbers are significant predictors of long-term dieting success. Seeing the scale move drastically within the first weeks can help propel individuals more confidently in the direction of their dieting goals. This acknowledgment of immediate success and the impact on long-term weight reduction is what makes the HCG diet a favorable choice for consistent and more rapid initial results than several of the other dieting protocols on the market. The HCG protocol is usually only followed for a maximum of 40 days, which gives your body the initial fat reduction it needs to shed those pounds and transform your weight and body composition. It also establishes a pattern for healthy food choices, which will help you maintain your target weight after you have finished with the program.

3. Exercise the Right Way

When you work out, you will burn calories and fat, but you will also boost your metabolism by building muscle mass. However, some dieters tend to overcalculate what they are burning in relation to what they are eating. Many times an initial body response to fewer calories consumed leads the body to send extra hunger signals, which become more noticeable as your exercise routines continue. If you aren’t careful, you may start consuming more calories than you ended burning. To be really effective, use strength and interval training during your exercise routine, as they help to build lean muscle.

4. Stop Overreacting to Hunger

For those who have never seriously dieted before, the hunger pains can induce a state of anxiety. Many view hunger as a bad thing or as if you are starving your body of nutrients it needs. Reaching for a snack, even if healthy, every time your stomach sends as little ping will throw off your body’s response to the diet. Wait until you can’t concentrate anymore before you decide to get a bite to eat, but be careful. Even if you haven’t felt any hunger pains, emotional or stress eating can ruin your dieting plans. Stop and ask yourself why you are eating, and this may help curb eating out of boredom, depression, or loneliness.

5. Don’t Kill All Calories

Not all the calories you will consume in a day are bad for you. Simply reducing your calorie count isn’t the answer to reaching a healthy weight. One hundred calories of green leafy vegetables are better than three chocolate chip cookies. When you are counting your calories, look at the foods you are eating rather than the number itself. Avoid processed foods and products high in refined starch, sugar, and saturated fat. Work whole, unprocessed foods into each meal, focusing on single-ingredients that provide strong nutritional value and are high in protein. This helps improve your satiety, which keeps you from turning to snacks or fillers between meals. These little areas can sabotage your dieting efforts.


You don’t have to feel like a failure with your previous dieting efforts, nor should you anticipate a lack of success with your current weight loss efforts. By understanding these five important areas of dieting and healthy weight routines, you are better prepared to stop failure before it even begins.



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