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Staying Focused on the HCG Diet

Staying Focused on the HCG Diet

Staying Focused

Staying focused on the HCG diet is not an easy task as you will have to stay motivated enough to not change the diet, especially during the VLCD and Phase 3. Mental focus is an important part of the diet; if you are not focused on achieving good results with the diet and learning the HCG diet protocol it will be difficult for you. Keeping motivated and being able to manage the HCG diet requires you to be in a positive mood and to be highly self-motivated so that you learn how the diet works by yourself, take the initiative to grocery shop ahead of time and learn the dietary requirements, stay on top of your HCG injections and more.

It helps to try the diet with a friend or family member because you can keep each other accountable. If you try the diet on your own, be sure that to talk to someone who can keep you focused if you slip up, and who you can report your progress to. It always helps to have social support when on the diet because it is definitely not one of the easiest things you can do, and when you have social support you will also have someone to brag to as you will definitely achieve great results when you stick to the diet. Thankfully there are only 23 to 43 days that will really be the most challenging, so the VLCD doesn't last forever it's not as difficult as you might think.

Drink water and manage your stress levels

We say this all the time but drinking water is critically important on the HCG diet. It will definitely help you stay focused on the diet because you will feel less hungry as you progress on the VLCD, and water will help satisfy some of your cravings for food on the diet. You need to have a water bottle with you pretty much every minute of the day, and you should drink even when you aren't thirsty. Drinking a half gallon of water to a gallon each day prior to starting the diet is a good idea, just to get into the habit, and once the diet starts you'll already know how much water to drink.

The other thing you need to do is manage your stress levels, because stress can cause all kinds of negative symptoms including driving you to cheat on the diet. To control your stress levels try different stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation and walking or light swimming. You can continue these practices during the VLCD, and you'll be amazed at how much stress can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle once you start to control it. If you have a minimal level of stress throughout the HCG diet there is a much better chance that you will succeed with flying colors and stick to the protocol so that you lose your desired amount of weight. Try different techniques until you find one that works for you.

No diet is easy

Keep in mind that no diet is easy if you start to think that the HCG diet is too challenging. The HCG diet uses HCG to help you suppress your appetite during the diet, and HCG also supplies your body with all of the calories that it needs, in spite of the fact that you will only be eating 500kcal per day. Other diets will often ask you to reduce your calorie intake, but they don't offer you any way to offset the loss of calories. As a result, you will feel less energetic on other very low calorie diets and you will likely have a wide range of side effects that you wouldn't see while on the HCG diet.

The HCG diet reduces your side effects, including hunger pains, to a bare minimum while you are on the very low calorie diet. Yes there are always "€œeasier"€ diets out there, but easier does not mean better, and many other diets will give you minimal results in comparison to the HCG diet. The HCG diet is one of the easiest VLCDs if not the easiest VLCD because you get to benefit from the hormone, and you have to keep that in mind during the early and somewhat challenging parts of the VLCD. It's all psychological, because you are going to be getting sufficient calories, you will just have to avoid the temptation to break the diet if you have that temptation.

Know what to expect on the diet

Before you start the HCG diet you should take a few hours minimum to get familiar with the requirements of the diet. If you rush headfirst into the diet without having done some preliminary research you might be surprised by some of the requirements of the protocol, and it may make it more difficult for you. If you know for instance that you aren't supposed to use cosmetics with oil, you'll already have different cosmetics available for the diet, or if you know that you aren't supposed to eat grains or starches you'll keep them away during the start of the diet. There are a few small details you'll have to remember and so reading a bit about the diet's requirements will be helpful. Our HCG FAQ has detailed information about the diet to help you get familiar, and we have several other great resources as well.

As you prepare for the diet, be sure to ask the medical professional who is supervising the diet any questions that you have, again so you are starting the diet being familiar with the requirements. There really isn't much to the diet, you just need to do few minutes of background research. It helps to do your shopping ahead of time after you know the requirements of the diet as well, so that you have all of the food you need ready to go when you start it. Shop for several days of food at a time, have your recipes ready to go, and know what foods you can and cannot eat to avoid slip ups while on the diet. Also again be sure to manage your stress levels and drink plenty of water, and report your progress to someone to help you stay accountable.

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