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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

Starting the HCG Diet Over the Holiday Season

Starting the HCG Diet Over the Holiday Season

Diet over the holiday season? You are probably wondering how you can control yourself with all the holiday parties and foods. Isn’t it best to put off embarking on the hCG diet until after the holidays? Undoubtedly, many people will make the hCG diet plan their New Year’s resolution, but if you are truly serious and dedicated to losing weight then why put off dieting until after the holidays? Why not start now? If you begin the hCG diet during the holidays, then you have a jump on the New Year. Also, with the hCG diet, you can often experience a pound or more per day of weight loss so that means you might be able to welcome in the New Year a smaller size which is a beautiful thing to celebrate. 


Holiday Weight Loss Proves Dedication 


Weight loss over the holidays shows real dedication. Embarking on the hCG diet during such a crucial time shows that you are serious about leading a healthier life and shedding the unwanted pounds. In many ways, dieting over the holidays is a way to reaffirm your dedication and prove to yourself that you have the self-control and willpower to lose weight at any time of the year. Shedding the unwanted pounds supplies a great feeling of accomplishment and is a real morale booster. 


Overcoming Plateaus 


Even if you stumble and experience a cheat day over the holidays you can continue to successfully diet. Often a cheat day might make you hit a weight plateau but do not despair because there are ways to break a plateau. If you are struggling, please contact your Nu Image Medical Professional to discuss how to overcome a plateau. 


Start Phase One and Phase Two of the hCG Diet in November and December


Undertaking the hCG diet is all about planning. You could choose to enjoy the diet’s three-day Phase One stage, also called the Loading Phase, on a food-based holiday such as Thanksgiving. During Phase One, you can enjoy the festivities while indulging in high-fat foods to start your diet plan off right. If you start the hCG dietary plan on Thanksgiving, then you will spend three days undergoing the Loading Phase and then transition into Phase Two for almost four weeks of weight loss before New Year's Eve. Over the four weeks of December, you will be able to shed a considerable amount of weight, so you look svelte in your holiday outfits for Christmas or Hanukah parties.


Start the New Year Out Right with Phase Three of the HCG Diet Plan 


When New Year’s Eve arrives, you will have a jump on your weight loss goal and already be entering Phase Three, also known as the Maintenance Phase, of the hCG Diet. During Phase Three, you will be able to gradually increase your calories and food choices, so you can truly celebrate the New Year’s arrival with a bit more food and a slimmer, healthier physique. 


If you want to start the holidays with the hCG diet plan, please contact the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical to embark on your holiday weight loss journey.

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