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Skin Care Tips on the HCG Diet

Skin Care Tips on the HCG Diet

Tips on the HCG Diet

Skin care is a concern for many HCG dieters because you are not allowed to use oil based lotions or cosmetics while on the diet. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to take care of your skin during Phase 2 which can last 26 to 46 days and requires you to avoid any oil based products for skincare. Basically you can use any lotions that are guaranteed to not have oil in them, and there are plenty of products available that offer this.

Also keep in mind that the HCG diet is one of the best diets for skin health and you may not even need cosmetics and lotions as much as you did in the past once the diet is completed. It can return a healthy "€œglow"€ to your skin because the HCG hormone actually makes the skin more elastic and it clears your skin up. With the skin health benefits of the HCG hormone, the HCG diet is one of the few diets that allows you to lose a large amount of weight while avoiding problems like wrinkles and sagging skin.

As an added bonus, HCG targets the abnormal fat in your body but it leaves alone the important structural fat that maintains a normal healthy look. It greatly improves your appearance and reduces fat in areas that other diets would not be able to target. Your skin will be healthier, more elastic and look more natural after the diet has been completed, and you can continue multiple rounds of the diet to maintain this.

Don't ever use oil based skincare products

Although you might be tempted you should never use oil based skincare products, and unfortunately the majority of skincare products on the market are oil based. Thankfully there are several oil free skincare products available now including lotions, sunblocks, and other products that are allowable on the HCG diet and won't interfere with the hormone. You definitely want to avoid any cosmetics with hormones added to them, although these are not as common. Be sure to double check the ingredients even for the cosmetics that claim to be oil free.

Be sure to drink plenty of water

Water has a major impact on the health of your skin, and if you drink the recommended half gallon to gallon of water on the HCG diet you will notice major skin benefits after a period of time. Your entire body depends on water. It carries vital nutrients throughout your body and helps your body eliminate waste faster. This is particular important when on the HCG diet, as your body will be eliminating toxins that can be stored in fat.

The HCG diet will improve the health of your skin

Your skin's health is affected by many different factors including the foods you eat, your hydration levels, exposure to toxins in the environment, and other factors. In the majority of cases there is very little you will need to do to maintain your skin while on the HCG diet, as a matter of fact you will likely see major improvements in your skin's health while on the diet. Your complexion will improve and the contouring of your skin will be better. HCG is often used in anti-aging creams and lotions because of this effect, however of course you will want to avoid these products while on the diet. Find out more information about the HCG diet here.

Exfoliate your skin to keep it healthy

Exfoliation can help you maintain healthy skin when on the HCG diet. You can use a body brush in the shower to remove dead skin cells and help your skin stay healthy. Taking a long bath and then exfoliating will have better results as well. Exfoliation by itself can help keep your skin healthy during the 26 to 46 day diet phase along with the positive effects of HCG on the skin.

Try using mineral oil if it doesn't bother you

Mineral oil is the only approved oil that the Simeons protocol allows for because it is not absorbed by the skin. Although some recommend that you avoid mineral oil because of its potential to block pores, you can try using a small amount of oil rubbed on damp skin to help your skin stay moisturized. Rub off the excess oil with a towel. If you have an aversion to mineral oil there are several products for skin care and moisturizing available that are oil free.

Try installing a home water softener

Many people don't know this but hard water commonly causes dry skin and may be one of the main reasons why you have dry skin. As a result lotions or creams won't do much to prevent dry skin when you have hard water. Hard water also makes soap less effective when showering and the minerals in hard water can also clog your skin and cause irritation. A water softener can improve the quality of your water and reduce the effects of hard water on your skin. Water softeners that can also remove minerals and sediment from your home's water supply. They can be expensive, but reverse osmosis water treatment systems can improve the quality of your home's water supply and will also give you a fresh and steady supply of purified water for the diet.

Your skin may clear up naturally on the HCG diet

A lot of the toxins in the environment and in processed foods result in the development of acne and skin problems. Highly processed foods also increase inflammation which can also lead to dermatitis and other skin problems. The great thing about the HCG diet is that it detoxes your entire body, and as a result of the detoxing your skin will usually become clearer and healthier. The HCG diet puts your body on a cycle of all-natural foods while helping it rid itself of excess water weight and toxins that can accumulate in abnormal fat stores.

Control stress levels to keep your skin healthy

There is a new field of study called psychodermatology that studies how stress and emotions can influence skin health. There is a clear link between the severity of skin disorders and emotional health. For instance, when a person is stressed their psoriasis and dermatitis can become worsened. Stress can also result in habitual behaviors such as scratching or rubbing on the skin that result in even more inflammation. Although the HCG diet alone won't help you with your stress levels, you should include stress management techniques in your daily life as a part of a healthier overall lifestyle, and you might find that your skin health can improve. For more information on how to start with the HCG diet click here.

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