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Should You Try a Modified HCG Diet?

Should You Try a Modified HCG Diet?

Try a Modified HCG Diet?

Modified HCG diets, or diets that deviate from the traditional Simeons protocol have become somewhat popular lately. The Simeons protocol has been established for over five decades and has had extensive clinical research backing its safety and effectiveness. Nu Image Medical mostly sticks to the Simeons protocol because of this fact, and because modifications to the diet can result in significant changes to the hormone and its effectiveness.

Most people should stick to the original Simeons protocol in spite of modified diets being released. The 500 calorie per day diet based on Dr. Simeons' recommendations has proven to be safe for the majority of people. The medical providers at Nu Image Medical screen every person to ensure that the diet is perfectly safe for them. There are only a few conditions that would prevent a person from going on the diet, and the experienced medical providers at Nu Image Medical will immediately spot those people and recommend a weight loss alternative.

The fact that the diet is not for everyone makes it that much more important to choose a provider that offers adequate medical screening and a full consultation. A modified HCG diet  may not have a medical consultation at all, and depending on how the diet is modified it can actually become dangerous. We use the Simeons protocol because we know that it works. We have hundreds of successful clients who can attest to our diet's safety and real ability to result in rapid weight loss. They benefit from being able to consult with medical doctors at the start of the diet to make any adjustments, and if they run into any problems they can contact us for advice.

Any changes to the diet may reduce its effectiveness

Any time you change anything about the HCG diet you run the risk of affecting the hormone. Only a medical professional with experience in administering the diet would know how any changes would affect it. By changing anything about the diet the main risk is that you won't lose as much weight as you should, but it can even be dangerous in some cases. The Simeons protocol has been established for several years and has proven to result in the fastest amount of weight loss when followed correctly.

Many alterations to the human chorionic gonadotropin  diet involve changing the number of calories allowed each day, or adding extra foods that are not allowed on the Simeons protocol. People who do this may still even experience some weight loss, but it won't be as much as if they followed the standard protocol. Because the diet is so effective at burning fat many people can cheat on it or change it and still experience some weight loss. That doesn't mean that the diet should be changed though.

There are also some retailers that sell a modified diet and portray themselves as experts without having any medical background or experience with administering a medical diet. This is extremely dangerous and the quality of both their diet and their hormone is usually questionable. Those who try alterations of the hormone diet are taking risks with their health, especially if the quality of the hormone is not guaranteed.

How to know who is trustworthy?

If anyone ever modifies the diet to include additional exercise you should immediately ignore them. Adding any extra exercise what is currently allowed (just a small amount of walking each day) can make it dangerous. The standard diet does not allow for any exercise and it simply isn't needed. Also, it's advisable to only purchase the diet from a provider with a medical staff that includes physicians, or from an actual physician. At Nu Image Medical we give you the benefit of being able to participate in a hormone diet that is overseen by medical doctors at a much lower price than what you would pay from a local physician.

Modifications to the HCG diet may be appropriate with the approval of a medical provider

It's not that the same protocol will work perfectly for everyone. In some cases it is actually appropriate to alter the diet because of a particular circumstance or medical condition. At Nu Image Medical we will advise you on whether or not a particular modification is appropriate. For instance, a higher protein intake may be recommended people with very physically taxing jobs.

But, if the diet is ever changed at all, it should always be under the supervision and approval of a licensed medical professional. The problem with the many of the HCG protocols that you can find online is that they are written by people who have no medical background or qualifications, so there's a good chance that their diet may not work at all. It may even be dangerous to try their diet, particularly if they alter the foods, calorie limits and hormone levels.

The foods in the Simeons protocol have been deliberately selected to give dieters enough basic nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to safely complete the 23 or 43 day very low calorie diet. When the foods are adjusted, you may not be getting the proper nutrition which is obviously dangerous. Also, the hormone is responsible for providing you with the most of the energy that you need on the diet.

If the effectiveness of HCG is compromised in any way, it may not be able to provide you with enough calories from fat metabolism. The potential problems from changing the diet without knowing what you're doing or how it will affect you are many, so it's always better to try a proven diet like the Simeons diet under the supervision of medical professionals.

The exception to this would be if you were to try a diet administered by a local medical provider. In this case the diet may be modified based on their recommendations, and you will find some differences from one doctor to another, as some doctors add their own recommendations in with the traditional protocol. Most of them still stick to Dr. Simeons' recommendations for the most part and may change a few other things such as the hormone dosages and calorie limits.

When you are using a hormone product like HCG you should stick to trustworthy sources so that you know the hormone is pure and will work properly. Although the Simeons diet may seem a bit strict, it has enough calories to suffice in combination with the extra fat that you will burn with HCG, and it is purposely limited to 23 to 43 days so that it isn't a major burden on you. The diet results in weight loss of 1/5 of a pound to 1 pound per day, and it is without a doubt one of the fastest and safest ways to lose fat, if not the fastest. To speak with a medical professional about the HCG diet or to get started with the diet now, click here.


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