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Should You Do An HCG Diet Cheat Day?

Should You Do An HCG Diet Cheat Day?

An HCG Diet Cheat Day?

You might be considering trying an HCG diet cheat day if the diet hasn't been that easy for you, but there are several strategies to help you get through the diet without cheating. You can certainly recover from cheating on the diet, but if you want to lose the most weight possible the best thing to do is to not cheat at all. Cheating for just one day during the very low calorie diet phase can end up causing a major weight loss stall or even cause you to gain weight. You should try whatever you can to avoid cheating on the diet, but if you are in danger of cheating there are several things that you can do to help overcome your appetite and stay within the calorie limit or very close to it. Remember that the very low calorie diet is temporary and before you know it you'll be in phase 3 and you'll be able to eat more.

Avoid eating at any restaurants during phase 2

It's crucial that you avoid eating at any restaurants at all during phase 2, even if it is for just one meal. It is just too difficult to stick to the diet's many requirements when you order food at a restaurant. The chances are that the restaurant won't offer a meal that will fit all of the requirements of the HCG diet. Having just one or two ingredients that are not approved for the diet can definitely throw your weight loss off and cause metabolic problems. Your best bet is to stick to cooking throughout the very low calorie diet phase, and if you can't cook you can also purchase ready to eat HCG diet meals from Nu Image Medical for this phase.

Eat more vegetables if you are feeling hungry

When you are tempted to cheat, don't eat any foods that aren't allowed on the diet. Instead increase your intake of HCG diet vegetables. You might have a few more calories in your diet above your daily limit, but it won't be nearly as bad as if you were to eat something that wasn't approved. Increasing your intake of cabbage, spinach, celery, or other HCG diet vegetables will help you feel fuller as most of the vegetables are rich in fiber. You can also try increasing your intake of HCG diet protein, but it is safer to start with vegetables to preserve your weight loss. Only increase your servings as much as you need for that particular day, once you get through the day go back to the regular 500 calorie per day limit and stick to it as much as possible for that three or six week very low calorie diet.

Drink a ton of water when you feel like cheating along with eating more vegetables

Along with increasing your vegetable intake just enough to where you aren't feeling hungry, you should increase your water intake (up to slightly over one gallon per day maximum). Don't drink a ton of water too quickly, but drink water steadily throughout the day and make sure that you are drinking the recommended amount of one half gallon to one gallon per day. You will find that your hunger will decrease when you are drinking at least a half-gallon of water per day, and you should also make sure that you aren't drinking anything that could be dehydrating you such as coffee or black tea. Stick to water throughout the diet if you find that you are dehydrated and drink more of it to see if it makes a difference with your appetite.

Increase your protein intake slightly

You may want to discuss this with your medical provider first, but you can also increase your protein intake slightly to help you control your appetite. Again, if you are really struggling, in the majority of cases you should first try increasing your vegetable intake. Your medical provider will be able to tell you how much you should consider increasing, and how long you should do it. In the majority of cases you will only want to increase your protein intake for one day, and try going back to the normal protocol. Adding slightly more protein to your diet can help hold you over, and you may want to increase your protein and also split it up into three meals instead of two meals if it makes the diet easier for you.

Cheating will make weight loss more difficult

You will want to do everything that you can to avoid cheating because it will make your weight loss more difficult. Cheating for one day will usually require you to use an apple day or a steak day as a plateau breaker to recover. Even worse, you can feel guilty about cheating and end up cheating even more, and it can quickly spiral out of control. If you do end up cheating for one day or on one meal, you shouldn't worry because you can follow it up with a steak day or an apple day, both of which are discussed in the HCG diet protocol, and your weight loss should resume within one or two days. At the end of the day it won't affect your weight loss that much and if you keep your cheating to a minimum you'll lose the weight that you're supposed to.

Never resort to eating unapproved foods

No matter how hungry you get, you should never resort to eating anything that isn't approved on the diet. In the worst case scenario you should just eat more of the allowable HCG diet foods. You might end up eating 600 calories or 650 calories or even more for one day, but that is okay because you'll start losing weight the very next day, as long as you stick to HCG diet foods. You most likely won't even have to do a plateau breaker. But splurging and totally breaking the protocol by eating hundreds of calories of foods that aren't approved for the diet will really set you back far, and you'll mostly likely have to try a plateau breaker just to get back to your regular weight loss. It will also make you feel guiltier which is never a good thing, so stick to HCG diet foods no matter how hungry you get.

Remember that the hormone is always working

You have to also remind yourself that the hormone is always working to burn abnormal fat, and that without a doubt it will provide you with the energy that you need to get through your day. The very low calorie diet phase is just a few weeks, and if you are really struggling with it you can always discuss strategies with your medical provider upfront. Usually the most difficult week is the first week, and once you adjust to the diet the remaining weeks are much easier. You might experience some difficulties but everyone does, especially with their first HCG diet attempt. Just remember that when you are tempted to cheat that you should just eat more of what you are already allowed to eat for one day, and be sure to monitor your weight loss to check for a stall. If you notice a stall, be sure to try a plateau breaker right away and discuss it with your medical provider. For more information about the HCG diet or to speak with a medical provider about any questions that you may have, click here.


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