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Reasons For Stalls on the HCG Diet

Reasons For Stalls on the HCG Diet

Reasons For Stalls on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is an incredible diet plan for fast and effective weight loss. It's very different than other diet plans than out there these days. And let's be honest, one of the main reasons it's so popular is because it's the only diet program where it's possible to can lose a pound a more in one day while actually improving metabolism at the same time! So what can be a challenge and/or problem during this incredible diet? Well, though there's not many cons, we've all come to a point somewhere in the program where weight loss may have stalled for a bit, and we weren't just quite sure what to do or where things may have gone wrong. So, hopefully after reading this post, you'll have a little bit more understanding on what can cause a stall on the program and what you can do about it if it happens to you. So here it goes...the top 7 reasons for stalls on the HCG diet...


First off, do you know what type of HCG you're using and what dose? Chances are if you don't, you're not using real HCG (yikes!). It can be easy to get confused as to what is real HCG is and what's the fake stuff because they all tend to say"HCG" on the label. However there are a few ways to guarantee that you purchase the right kind of product. It's important to know firsthand that it's against FDA regulations to sell HCG over the counter. This means, that if you see HCG products on grocery store shelves or in vitamin and health stores, it's not real HCG but rather a very diluted form of the hormone which is not therapeutic and will not help you lose weight. This type of product is often referred to as "homeopathic, " and can be very dangerous if taken and combined with a low calorie diet.

Now, there may be some individuals out there that have seen some success from homeopathic HCG, but this weight loss is usually only from extreme low calorie dieting, and these individuals typically really struggle to maintain their weight loss. Plus they place themselves at high risk for developing other problems from malnutrition.The HCG diet is only considered healthy and safe unless it is combined with real HCG. Real HCG is a hormone, and can only be obtained via a prescription from a licensed physician. Only with prescription HCG is dosing accurate and safe. With homeopathic HCG, the dosing can be variable or even non existent on the bottle. Most homeopathic HCG is found in the oral drop (sublingual) form. This does not mean however that all HCG drops are homeopathic. There are prescription HCG forms including drops, pellets, and injections that all work extremely well for weight loss. The only difference is that they are 100% pure HCG and prescription medication. If you are looking to start the HCG diet, you can find the most pure and affordable HCG here...

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This topic is probably one you were expecting, but cheating can most certainly keep you from losing weight on HCG. Occasional "nights off" from the diet or "just a bite here and there" can make all the difference in your success on the program. Some HCG dieters report that it took them 2-3 days or more to recover from one cheating episode. That's a lot of precious diet time wasted!  Any kind of cheating is bad on HCG, but the worst kind of cheating on HCG is the kind that's done unknowingly. Mainly because it's never fixed or corrected because we may not know when we're doing it. So what's the best way to make sure you don't fall into this category? Make sure you know the diet. Read everything you can about the HCG diet, and if you have questions, make sure to ask for help from a medical advisor. Also, make sure that the information you read is from a valid, medical source like Nu Image Medical. There is a lot of varying and misinformation about HCG diet out there, but only Dr. Simeon's original plan has been proved to be the best for lasting weight loss.


A common mistake a lot of HCG dieters make is trying to skip meals or lower their calories to try and lose more weight. Dr. Simeons (the original creator of the HCG diet) did write in his original manuscript that an HCG dieter can omit any food that they wish from the set plan. In other words, if you're not hungry, and it's time to eat that apple, you don't have to if you don't want to. Or maybe you don't like fruit perhaps? For whatever reason, you can customize your daily HCG eating plan to your liking and hunger as long as you do not add to the daily calorie amount or make a food choice outside the provided list. However, skipping meals and snacks in hopes to lose more will almost always prove disappointing. Remember, the HCG diet was designed in such a way to promote weight loss quickly and healthily. Although you are not required to eat all the 500 calories each day, that is still a very low calorie amount and has been researched and documented to provide the best weight loss results both short and long term.

Now, there are some HCG dieters that advise to withhold the fruit or breadstick snacks while on the diet. There can be positives and negatives to this... and it honestly really depends on you, individually. For example, if you constantly crave sugar and you know that if you don't cut it out completely from your diet that you will always struggle with sugar, then it might make sense for you to completely avoid the fruits and carbs while on the HCG diet. However, if you know that once the diet is finished that you will eventually return to normal but healthier eating, which will include some small amounts of carbs and some sugar every now and then, then it's probably in your best interest to maintain a small amount of carbs and sugar in your body (as the original HCG diet plan intended). These are things that you will have to discover and determine while you are on the diet, but skipping meals is not the answer to losing more weight and can actually keep you from losing.


It's a misconception on HCG, that if you exercise or workout more that you will lose more weight. It can be confusing because in other diets, the more calories you burn, the more you lose, right? Well, on the HCG diet this is not necessarily so, and it's actually one of the biggest reasons people start to see a stall in their weight loss while on the diet. Remember, the diet only consists of 500 calories daily. If you are following this rule consistently, then you will already be burning several hundreds of your own stored calories just with normal day to day living and activities.

Trying to speed up the weight loss by adding exercise can cause you to run into a few problems... Fatigue and hunger tend to be the biggest issues with added exercise. Burning too many calories can often make dieters feel extremely tired and weak. Exercise also tends to speed up the metabolism, which in normal circumstances is good, but on HCG can make you mighty hungry. Both feelings of weakness  and hunger from exercise often lead to some cheating here and there because you're body starts telling you that you need more food! Exercise can also build muscle which weighs very heavy on the scale and can throw off your daily weigh ins. Thus, it's probably best to wait until after the program to hit the gym.


One of the most common reasons for a weight loss stall is from dehydration and water retention. Some HCGers think that if they cut back on their water intake that they will lose more. Unfortunately, the opposite is actually true. Yes, it is possible to overdo it with your water intake, but in most cases, not enough water has been consumed.  On the HCG diet it is extremely important to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to prevent fluid retention and weight gain.

HCG dieters often find themselves adding more salt and seasoning to their food while on the program. While there is certainly no harm in doing this, we must remember that sodium causes fluid retention. Therefore, enough water should be consumed throughout the day to flush out the added salt. If this doesn't happen, then it's possible to see a weight loss stall or weight jump on the scale the next day. This doesn't necessarily mean that fat has been gained, but it can certainly be discouraging while weighing daily on HCG.


When we're not losing weight on the HCG diet every day, it's easy to immediately blame it on constipation, right? And in some cases, constipation may be the root of weight loss stalls, but on the HCG diet this is typically not the case. So how do you know if constipation could be making your weight stay the same? It's important to first understand that it's completely normal not to have a bowel movement for several days while on the HCG diet. The main reason for this is simply because you are not taking in a much food as you were before the diet. Not much waste will need to be eliminated if not much food is consumed. Now, on the other hand, if it's been more than 4 or 5 days since you've gone and you're starting to feel "crampy" or like you're abdomen is distended, then it may be time to take appropriate measures such as a glycerin suppository or a stimulant tea. If you missed our blog post on constipation and how it can affect you on the diet you can find it here at


How are you looking at your weight loss? Unfortunately, a lot of times our high expectations of the HCG diet can trick us into thinking we aren't losing right or fast enough. We are all different with different body types and varying amounts of weight to lose. This means that we aren't all going to lose 1 lb. per day. Sometimes days we may lose 2, other days we may go down 1/2 lb. and then some days we may stay the same. Sometimes HCG dieters even experience a "natural plateau" on the diet. This is very common and may keep you from seeing weight loss for a couple days. This doesn't mean that you've done anything wrong at all. Your body just may need some time to adjust or catch up. Remember, you are losing a lot of weight fast! Keep doing what you are doing, and you will start to see results again. This particular type of plateau can happen at any time during the diet, but is most common during the second half of a full course of HCG. If the weight loss stall lasts longer than 4 days, then an Apple Day can be done to help trigger a change.

For more tips and advice on how you can get the best results out of your HCG diet experience, contact our medical team at (888) 520-3438.


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