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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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More Advantages of the HCG Diet

More Advantages of the HCG Diet

Advantages of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet offers several advantages compared to other diets because of its effectiveness and ability to result in real rapid weight loss. The HCG diet offers a huge range of health benefits and after just one round of the diet you will feel completely different. Your emotional and physical health will dramatically improve because you will have a lower BMI and body fat percentage, and clinical studies regularly demonstrate how important it is to maintain a low BMI to avoid the risk of several different chronic illnesses. If you have a sedentary lifestyle you can likely benefit from at least one round of the HCG diet, as you are likely to have a high body fat percentage and may not be able to exercise as much as you like.

The HCG diet is truly unique because you really do not need to exercise at all in order to lose what will seem like an extraordinary amount of weight. This is a major convenience to people who are pressed for time, as many people are not able to exercise at the level they need to in order to lose body fat. The HCG diet carefully controls your food intake for a period of three to six weeks while ensuring that you have adequate calories, because the hormone burns your abnormal fat. The result of the diet is that you will be much leaner and most importantly you will maintain your lean muscle mass, which is important for an optimal metabolism.

The HCG diet offers fast weight loss

There are few other diets that can offer the same or faster weight loss results as the HCG diet safely. Other diets do not have the benefit of the HCG hormone which metabolizes the specific fat that you want to get rid of. Other diets that try to offer similar weight loss results by using a very low calorie diet will end up causing muscle loss and the loss of important structural and reserve fat, all of which are detrimental to not only your weight loss goals but your appearance and health. The result of other low calorie diets is a gaunt appearance that is undesirable; on the HCG diet you will maintain a healthy and normal look.

The rapid weight loss can be anywhere from 0.2 to 1 pound per day, and in rare cases some people lose more weight at the start of the diet, but much of the initial weight loss is water weight. The weight loss will start to level off after the first few weeks of the diet but it never stops as long as the protocol is followed properly. Although it can be a bit challenging to stick to the protocol for the entire length of the diet, if it is followed the entire time the weight loss results are really exceptional compared to almost every other diet, and it legitimately offers a person the ability to lose 4 to 15 pounds in about three weeks, with a longer six week diet available for those with higher weight loss goals of a minimum of 15 pounds. Click the following link for more information on Nu Image Medical's three week and six week HCG diet.

The HCG diet will reset your appetites and includes only natural foods

Another major benefit of the HCG diet is that it will "€œreset"€ your appetites and cravings for food. You will start craving natural foods more regularly and your appetite for grains, unhealthy fat and sugar will be reduced substantially. The HCG diet resets your brain and hypothalamus to its most optimal state, and if you are eligible for the 46 day diet this effect will be more pronounced. Part of the reason why unhealthy foods become a part of person's diet is because of their availability and cravings for these foods, and the HCG diet eliminates both of these problems. Your appetites for food will begin to change for the better while on the diet, and you'll also detox from the effects of unnatural foods.

As you progress on the HCG diet you will only be consuming natural (and ideally organic) whole foods. You will start to develop an appetite for healthy foods after trying the diet out, and you will find that you still crave healthy foods even after the diet is over. The process of eating grains and sugars over a period of years can affect your brain's reward system and appetites, and the HCG diet eliminates grains and sugars and switches your body to natural food sources. Your hypothalamus will adjust to the positive dietary changes that you make while on the HCG diet and you won't even want to eat most unhealthy foods in most cases once the diet is over.

The many benefits of losing body fat

Most importantly, the HCG diet reduces your body fat and this can result in an infinite number of positive health benefits. First of all, you will look and feel better about yourself, and your emotional health will dramatically improve along with your self-esteem. Feeling good about yourself is incredibly important, and after the first round of the HCG diet you'll be amazed at how much healthier you look and feel. You can maintain your results by continuing to eat healthy foods and if you need to try another round of the diet to lose even more weight and improve your appearance you can do so after a waiting period.

You will also reduce your susceptibility to many different illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, arthritis and joint disorders, and many others. Part of the reduced susceptibility has to do with the important dietary changes that you must make while on the HCG diet and even after the diet is over. But, the most important thing is that you will have a lower BMI and body fat percentage, and higher BMIs and body fat percentages are closely correlated with several of the illnesses mentioned above. Losing excess fat and maintaining a normal weight is one of the most important things you can do for your health, and the HCG diet can help you accomplish this safely in just a matter of weeks. For a consultation and to get started with the HCG diet today, click here.

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