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Losing Belly Fat the Easy Way

Losing Belly Fat the Easy Way

If you believe that losing weight is easy, then maybe you should check out the beachfront property in New York. Don’t pay attention to what every Hollywood star or television ad says about their weight loss program. You aren’t really going to wake up transformed by popping a magic pill. Losing weight comes at a cost, whether it is time preparing healthy meals, scouring grocery shelves for products you can eat, counting calories, or spending blood, sweat, and tears on the elliptical. Maybe not blood, but definitely sweat and inevitably tears. Watching the weight come off is fun, and somehow that seems to make everything better, but then keeping it off becomes a whole new battle. Weight loss goals are great, but weight management goals are better.

The Big Picture Problem

When it comes to losing weight, people have very different ideas about what that looks like. Some people have a number on the scale in mind, while others have a look they are trying to achieve. Unfortunately, while both of these scenarios can come true and are noble motivations, the individual could still be unhealthy. Bodyweight, although an important measure of health, isn’t the only thing that determines the quality of the body that is there. If the inside of the body does not have the nutrition and activity it needs, it doesn’t matter if you are one hundred pounds or three hundred pounds. You could still be at risk for low energy levels, a weakened immune system, and an unhealthy fat buildup. So, before you jump into a diet, think about your motive. If you are in it just to make your outside look better, you probably won’t succeed long-term. When your motivation is to change your core, meaning you are working toward a healthier body both inside and out, you will find you are equipping yourself for the long-haul.

Losing Belly Fat

While you pursue your weight goals, your primary area of focus may be the spot around your middle that has blossomed out of control. Belly fat isn’t just a problem that looks bad, but lots of fat in that area can lead to increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Losing belly fat can be a huge boost for your internal health and improve your chances of living longer. You can measure your belly fat by taking a tape measure and simply wrapping it around your stomach at the line of the belly button. If you are a man and you have more than 40 inches hanging around, or you are a woman with more than 35 inches, you are said to have abdominal obesity. Losing this first can help jumpstart other areas to be more productive on your weight management journey. Here are several ways you can make it happen.

1. The HCG Diet. When it comes to dieting protocols, each one has its own focus. They are not all created equal. One of the primary benefits of the HCG protocol is the targeted focus on blasting through belly fat. The protocol relies on injections of human chorionic gonadotropin and a restricted low calorie diet. The HCG hormone injection helps the body use the stored fat as energy, and it does so without making a patient feel like they are starving to death. Even the reduced intake is manageable because of the effects of the hormone. This can make it easier to stay on track with your plan, while also targeting your belly fat first.

2. Avoid Sugar and Sugar-sweetener. Adding sugar to drinks and food is unhealthy, as it has harmful effects on the body’s metabolism. The compound elements in sugar (glucose and fructose) can only be processed through the liver in minimal amounts. When your liver is overloaded with fructose, it doesn’t process it correctly and immediately metabolizes it into fat. This can lead to an accumulation of fat in and around the belly and liver. Even if the exterior of an individual seems thin, too much internal fat build-up is just as harmful as being noticeable obese. By consciously eliminating the amount of sugar you intake, whether through beverages or snacks, you can work on reducing your belly far and teach your body to eat healthily.

3. Eat More Protein. By filling up on protein-rich foods, you can reduce your cravings and boost your metabolism. This can help you both eat and burn through more calories per day. This is an effective long-term strategy for helping you avoid yo-yo dieting and regaining the weight that had been lost. There is also evidence that it is effective in the battle of the bulge.

Losing belly fat is a commendable goal, as it will improve your health and your confidence in your appearance. With these three tips, you can get headed in the right direction.


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