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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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Keeping The Weight Off After the HCG Diet is Over

Keeping The Weight Off After the HCG Diet is Over

Keeping The Weight Off

Once the HCG diet has been finished, or even by the time that you get to Phase 3 you may find that your weight is challenging to maintain. At Nu Image Medical, throughout Phase 3 you have detailed information on how to maintain your last dose weight (LDW), or your weight on the last day of the very low calorie diet (Phase 2). The point of Phase 3 is to stabilize your weight and learn what it takes to maintain your weight, and a successful Phase 3 will hopefully result in you maintaining your weight loss results for a long time afterward. You can also experiment with different foods during Phase 3 and start to find out what will help you maintain your weight and what won't.

During Phase 3 you will want to only purchase foods that will help you maintain your weight and follow the HCG diet protocol as closely as possible, while checking your weight on a regular basis. Starting an exercise routine is highly recommended as well, as it will help you reduce the impact of unhealthy foods in your diet and help maintain a natural metabolism. A regular exercise routine can be resumed in Phase 3 once your calorie intake increases. Maintaining your weight after the diet is over requires a bit of dedication but you will benefit. Also the mental side is just as important as the physical side, so try to maintain your focus on staying healthy after the diet is over and controlling stress.

Avoid stress and don't be guilty if you slip up

If you slip up during Phase 3 or even afterward when you're trying to eat healthy, don't beat yourself up but just resume the diet protocol. Stress is mostly self-created and you can drive yourself to eat unhealthy foods just by being stressed, sometimes called emotional eating. Try different stress control techniques like yoga, meditation and exercise, and do everything you can to limit your stress levels. Stress can also lead to serious problems like high blood pressure and other health problems so it's definitely worth your efforts to control it. It can also lead to emotional problems like anxiety and depression which can cause compulsive eating. There is also a wide range of research on stress and its effects on the body, and it has shown to bring about or worsen several different chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Sticking to a diet protocol is not very easy no matter what, and after the HCG diet is over you really have to stay focused and reduce your carbohydrate intake as much as possible. When you slip up all you really need to do is get back on track, and without a doubt you will make a mistake with your diet during Phase 3 or afterward. Once you make a mistake don't worry about the consequences, even if you slip up for one or more days. Following a mistake just drink plenty of water and start eating healthy foods again. The more that you focus on the unhealthy foods you ate the more of a chance that you'll keep eating those foods in the future.

Use the Ultra Burn Program

Even with your best efforts, maintaining your weight loss results can definitely be a challenge. One major benefit that Nu Image Medical offers is the Ultra Burn Program, which can be started at the beginning of Phase 3 and uses a natural mix of vitamins and amino acids to assist with weight loss and maintenance. There are both capsules and injections available with the Ultra Burn Program, and the blend of amino acids and minerals is helpful for maintaining a fat burning metabolism during Phase 3. You will likely see much better results if you start this program during Phase 3 rather than trying to keep the weight off without it.

The Ultra Burn Program features a blend of vitamin B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacinamide, chromic chloride, methionine, inositol, choline, pyroxidine, and pantothenic acid. Each of these vitamins and minerals has their own function in weight loss explained briefly below:

  • Inositol - redistributes body fat by breaking it down, and helps to control stress.

  • Pantothenic Acid - helps with metabolizing fat.

  • Thiamine - helps with carbohydrate metabolism and control the effects of stress.

  • Riboflavin - promotes tissue repair and is important for metabolism.

  • Niacinamide - helps regulate good and bad cholesterol and is important for adrenal gland function.

  • Chromic Chloride - important for carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Vitamin B12 - helps with fatty acid metabolism, with energy, and with DNA and RNA production.

  • Methionine - helps remove fat from undesirable locations in the body.

  • Choline - improves fat metabolism and supports a healthy liver.

Know your own weaknesses and strengths

One of the most important things when it comes to dieting, controlling weight and staying healthy in general is to know your own weaknesses and strengths. You may have appetites for particular unhealthy foods. If you know the foods that you are most likely to make mistakes with, you can avoid purchasing them and avoid them when you go out to eat. You may also prefer certain healthy foods, and you should make a list of healthy fruits and vegetables that you prefer eating and always have them available for snacking or for meals.

Planning out your diet is important even after the HCG diet is over, and you don't necessarily need to count your daily calories if you don't want to, but planning your meals out and purchasing healthy foods that you enjoy will be very beneficial for keeping the weight off. Always have access to healthy organic foods and try to continue to avoid consuming processed foods, foods that are high in sodium or preservatives, and junk foods.

Stick to as many of the HCG diet Phase 2 and Phase 3 foods as you can after the diet is completely over, and continue using recipes that you enjoyed during the diet. Also continue to experiment with new recipes to find new recipes for healthy food that you will enjoy. Make an effort to keep healthy foods in your diet and continue to exercise regularly, and it will pay off by maintaining your weight loss results. Get more information on starting your first round or a repeat round of the HCG diet here.

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