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Is the HCG Diet from an Online Pharmacy Safe?

Is the HCG Diet from an Online Pharmacy Safe?
When looking for a home HCG diet you'll probably find dozens of different options available, and of course not all of them are going to be safe or effective. You can purchase the HCG diet from an online pharmacy but most online pharmacies are not licensed in the same way that Nu Image Medical is. Online pharmacies can be safe for the HCG diet, but you have to do your research to ensure that they have licensed medical professionals on their staff and that the pharmacy is administered by licensed pharmacists. If you neglect to do your research you can easily pick the wrong product that won't actually work to help you lose weight, and there can be significant consequences for this.

There are many HCG diet versions that are unsafe

When you're shopping for the HCG diet you have to remember that there are several versions of the diet that have been released by unlicensed pharmacies or people that don't have any medical background at all. These diets are not safe because they have not undergone any sort of medical screening to ensure that they are based on the original Simeons protocol. The original protocol has been clinically proven to be safe, but the diets that have deviated from it often come up with new requirements that have not been tested. If you are relying on an untested diet for weight loss there's no telling what can happen; you can have unexpected side effects and it may not even work for you.

The only safe diets are created by medical professionals

The only safe diets out there are the ones created by licensed medical doctors, especially with a very low calorie like the HCG diet. Restricting your calorie intake on your own without medical guidance can actually be dangerous. The HCG diet is carefully balanced to ensure that the right amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates is available for the three to six weeks that the dieter is required to eat 500 calories per day. The HCG diet was not developed overnight; instead it took several years of research in order to create the fundamental guidelines which are still in use today because of how accurate they were.

The HCG diet has only been slightly modified by Nu Image Medical but the fundamental requirements of the diet remain the same. Any changes to the HCG diet should be approved by medical providers because changing just one aspect of the diet can cause problems with its effectiveness. There are some modifications occasionally made for patients with unique requirements, such as those who have physically demanding jobs or patients with particular health conditions. Sometimes the diet is modified for these patients and in other cases alternatives to the HCG diet are suggested, but any modification of the diet is always approved by a licensed medical provider at Nu Image Medical, which is the way that it should always be done. Unfortunately online pharmacies don't have to abide by these safety protocols.

Online pharmacies don't necessarily have safety protocols

Although the HCG diet at Nu Image Medical can be purchased online and it is safe and proven, there are not very many other diets that have the same medical supervision if any. The founders of Nu Image Medical took great effort to ensure that their home version of the diet would be safe for patients, and the quality of the diet is the same as the diet that is administered on site at the Nu Image Medical clinic. There are few diet programs online that even have a physical location, and most of them have no medical professionals on their staff at all.

As a result, they have no requirements or obligations to follow any particular safety protocols. This means that they take great liberties with the things that they recommend for the diet and they don't seek anyone with a medical background to approve their recommendations. Of course it's your health that is at risk when you purchase and use one of these programs, not theirs, so it's up to you to ensure that your diet program is safe and medically supervised. In many cases they are operating illegally or definitely unethically and many of the online websites are shut down because of their carelessness with their products and services. It doesn't mean that every online pharmacy is unsafe, because, Nu Image Medical will not sell you the HCG diet without a medical screening and we sell our diet online, but there are plenty of companies that will sell it to you without any kind of screening.

The HCG diet is not a safe option for everyone

The majority of people can attempt the HCG diet without any problems at all, as long as you have weight to lose, but there are some people who should not attempt the diet. One purpose of the medical screening at Nu Image Medical is to catch the people who shouldn't be attempting the HCG diet and advise an alternative option for them. Without any sort of screening in place, however, other online pharmacies and diet programs can run into major risks with their recommendations, and there can be health consequences for patients.

If the diet is not deemed to be safe for a particular patient, Nu Image Medical will never recommend it. Although you might be able to find a lower priced diet from other providers, the lack of a medical consultation can really make the diet unsafe. There are some patients who need protocol adjustments, who may have conditions that can be affected by the diet, or who may need closer supervision and support as they are going about their diet. There are many other medical circumstances that can arise in different situations, but the diet programs that neglect a medical supervision can't possibly help patients in any of those circumstances and they can even put those patients at risk of serious health problems.

You can purchase the HCG diet from an online pharmacy as long as it's licensed

Nu Image Medical is the leading safe provider of the HCG diet because we use a licensed pharmacy to supply the hormone. This ensures that the hormone is pure and pharmaceutical grade in quality, which is essential for the patient's safety while on the diet. Without a licensed pharmacy supplying the hormone, there's no way to guarantee that it will actually work or be safe for a patient. The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is guaranteed to work for you with the highest certainty, and you can trust that you are receiving a pure hormone product that is safe to inject and use for the diet.

Other online pharmacies purchase their drugs from overseas sources, and there's no way of knowing where they get their drugs and medications from. Many of the online pharmacies out there will ship you drugs or hormones without even knowing where they come from. Obviously this is a major problem in terms of the potential quality of the hormone, its purity, and the ingredients used to create it. Pharmacies without any type of quality control will ship you products that are unsafe without thinking about it, and unless you test their hormones yourself you will have no idea what they are actually selling you.

In short, you're always better off buying the diet from a well known licensed online provider. Remember, just because a particular HCG diet is online doesn't mean that it's low in quality or unsafe, the main thing that guarantees the safety of the diet is the presence of licensed medical providers and a hormone product that is supplied from a licensed pharmacy.

To get more information about the HCG diet or to ask any questions that you may have about it at all, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.

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