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How to Succeed on the HCG Diet

How to Succeed on the HCG Diet
How to- Succeed on the HCG Diet

A successful HCG diet requires adequate preparation, and with the right preparation you can lose a substantial amount of weight, anywhere from 5 to 45 pounds or more. The more closely that you stick to the diet protocol the faster your weight loss results will be. The diet is designed to be as easy as possible, as HCG reduces your appetite and makes the VLCD more than tolerable. The first week will likely be the most challenging, and once you get past the first week the rest of the diet will be much easier, because the HCG will have had enough time to control your appetite and influence your metabolism to burn fat.

Succeeding on the HCG diet requires you to get familiar with the diet's requirements, and you should definitely have a medical provider available to you during the critical first week of the diet so that you can have your questions answered and get education on the important aspects of the diet. So, it's important to pick a diet program that has medical professionals available, and a program that offers you detailed instructions on the diet itself as well as supplementary information. Nu Image Medical offers you a complete HCG diet program that covers the most important details of the diet, and we also offer medical consultation at the beginning of the diet to get you through the toughest part. Get more information on our HCG diet here.

Get advice from experts and plan the diet adequately

Getting advice from medical providers is one of the most important strategies to succeeding on the diet. It always helps to have someone who can coach you through the diet, and every HCG diet needs to be customized to some degree for the individual, especially people with medical conditions and other unique considerations. A medical provider with HCG diet experience can give you specific information and help you plan your diet out. For instance, you may need to slightly increase your daily calorie intake due to a health condition such as diabetes, or you may need to adjust your protein intake.

The medical professionals at Nu Image Medical will help you plan out your diet and explain how to inject the hormone at home if you choose to self-inject. You may have questions about the rate of your weight loss, foods to eat during loading, food preparation questions, nutrition questions, and other questions about the diet. Any of these questions and more can be answered by the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical, and we are focused on providing you with great customer support and personalized HCG diet experience. There is no other online HCG diet program that offers the same level of support and help with preparing the diet as Nu Image Medical, and you will be impressed with our commitment to helping you get through the sometimes difficult early stages of the diet.

Control your exercise levels and don't neglect the loading days

You will need to control the amount that you exercise on the HCG diet, and you'll need to limit exercise to a bare minimum of just walking a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes per day. Light swimming is also okay, but you will never need to exercise to lose weight on the HCG diet. Don't try to lose more weight than you normally would be increasing your activity levels. If you happen to work in an occupation where you move around a lot, you may need to slightly increase your protein intake, but you should be fine on the 500-550 calorie per day diet combined with the effects of HCG. Before you increase your caloric intake or change anything about the diet be sure to speak with your medical provider.

Also be sure that you complete the initial loading days of the diet which involves eating as much as you can during the first two to three days. This will make the first week of the diet much easier for you, and you will have fewer food cravings. Your body will also be better prepared for the diet, and the HCG will be able to target your abnormal fat right away because you will have restored your normal fat reserves. During the loading days be sure to eat as many natural high fat foods as possible, and try to eat mostly healthy fats while keeping a low carbohydrate intake.

Use stevia for sugar cravings and drink a lot of water

You may be tempted to eat carbs during the HCG diet, and if this happens you can satisfy your cravings by eating your allowed fruit servings or using stevia. You can use as much stevia as you want to sweeten drinks and meals, and it is a great replacement for sugar on the HCG diet. There are some drinks and foods made with stevia but you should stay away from the vast majority of them, as they will likely have ingredients that will interfere with the diet. On the HCG diet you should do your best to consume foods that you make yourself at home; this way you will know exactly what is in them and there will be no surprises.

Many people neglect drinking water on the HCG diet, but drinking plenty of water will help you with the early food cravings if you have any, and it is also important to flush ketones and toxins out of your body throughout the diet. The HCG diet is an all-natural diet that will detoxify your body, and you need to continually drink a half gallon to a gallon of water each day to ensure that your body has the water it needs to eliminate toxins. Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times, and always drink water with every meal on the HCG diet, and continue to drink water between meals and when you get thirsty. If you are interested in ordering the diet, you can get started here and speak with one of our medical professionals about the diet or ask any questions at all.

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