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How to overcome a plateau on the HCG Diet

How to overcome a plateau on the HCG Diet

Plateau on the HCG Diet

Overcoming a plateau on the HCG Diet is not as difficult as it seems, and there are several different steps you can take to increase your weight loss if it starts to stall. You may encounter a plateau after the first week of the diet because many people lose several pounds during the first few days of the diet, and then the weight loss can sometimes start to trail off a bit. There is no need to worry if you encounter a plateau, and keep in mind that many people lose a large amount of water weight during the first week, so if you weight loss starts to slow down a bit it is expected. The key is to know when you have actually hit a plateau and to act quickly once you have reached one.

First be sure that you have actually plateaued

In spite of your best efforts a plateau can occur and you can try a few different things once you've determined you've hit one. If you start to notice that you are losing weight more slowly, don't assume that you are in a plateau quite yet. If you notice that your weight loss has almost completely stalled for three days in a row, you have likely hit a plateau and from there you can try an apple day or a steak day, two of the best plateau breakers for the diet. You should monitor your weight every day so that you know how it has been changing, and the best time to weigh yourself is in the morning. If you find that you have plateaued, try to eliminate all of the potential causes such as cheating on the diet, excess calorie intake, changing the protocol, or other obvious potential causes.

Try an apple day to break a plateau

One of the best plateau breakers is an "€œapple day"€ which involves eating six green apples throughout the day and nothing else, along with as much water, unsweetened tea and coffee as you want. This usually is effective at stopping a plateau for several reasons. An apple day will help the body get back into a fat metabolism mode after a stall, especially a stall that results from cheating on the diet. If your plateau is the result of cheating on the diet, an apple day will usually fix the problem. You can also follow up an apple day with a "€œsteak day"€ which is another type of plateau breaker, but you shouldn't use any plateau breaker for more than one day in a row. Once you have tried an apple day, be sure to resume the regular 500 calorie per day diet, and if you still notice that you aren't losing weight you can try a steak day.

A steak day may work as a plateau breaker as well

If the apple day doesn't work, the second plateau breaker is a "€œsteak day"€ which consists of eating one large steak for dinner, along with one green apple or one tomato during the day, and as much water and unsweetened coffee as you want. The steak should be low fat and approved for the diet, although you can serve yourself a larger portion than the normal 100 gram portion, just be sure that it doesn't exceed 500 calories. If you want to try both an apple day and a steak day, you should wait a few days before each one and monitor your weight. A steak day can be just as effective as an apple day for helping restore your normal fat metabolism. Also, be sure that you continue to take the hormone even on your plateau breaker days.

Make sure that you aren't changing the diet protocol

One of the most common causes of plateaus on the diet is alterations to the regular HCG diet protocol. There are several requirements for the diet protocol that must be followed in order for the diet to work properly, and any changes to the protocol can most definitely cause weight loss stalls. For example, no cosmetics with oil or lotions should be used on the diet, and although this may be difficult to follow, using cosmetics can definitely interfere with the hormone's effectiveness. Be sure to get familiar with the diet protocol so that you do not accidentally change anything about it, including the food list, list of approved seasonings, and other requirements, and if you have any questions about it be sure to ask your medical provider at the start of the diet.

Be sure you aren't using unapproved seasonings

Unapproved seasonings such as sugar, honey, salad dressings, or seasonings with multiple ingredients can definitely cause stalls on the diet, as harmless as they may seem. Be sure that you stick to the approved seasoning list on the diet, and don't make any alterations to this list. There are several options available for seasonings on the HCG diet, and the approved seasonings can be combined with each other but not anything else. Remember that the very low calorie diet is only three to six weeks long and once Phase 2 finished you can start adding your normal seasonings back into the diet. The same thing goes for processed foods or prepackaged foods - you should avoid these foods altogether while you are on the diet and cook for the duration of the very low calorie diet (Phase 2) at the very least.

Avoid diet drinks and artificial sweeteners

Although artificial sweeteners like stevia and aspartame do not have any calories, they are not approved for use on the HCG diet and most definitely can cause a wide range of issues with your weight loss. For instance, it has been proven that aspartame can cause an insulin response in spite of the fact that it doesn't have any real sugar in it, and it is widely known to be toxic. Artificial sweeteners have not been studied for their effect on the HCG diet, and because they are dangerous to your health and can affect your body's metabolism, you should avoid them at all costs with the exception of natural stevia products.

Be sure that you use the right HCG product

When you purchase the HCG diet program at Nu Image Medical, you can be sure that you are using a high quality hormone product that is created at a licensed U.S. pharmacy. Our HCG is guaranteed to be pure and have the necessary potency to get you results on the diet, but HCG products from sources outside of licensed medical clinics often do not work effectively. This can occur for several reasons; the product may not have enough real hormone in it, it may have ingredients that interfere with the hormone, or it may possibly have no hormone at all. Always purchase the hormone from a licensed source if you want to be sure that it is pure and will work effectively. To get more information about the HCG hormone diet available at Nu Image Medical, click here.

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