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How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

If you're like most people, not only do you struggle with your weight, but you tend to put on around two additional pounds per year on average. At that rate, it's hardly surprising that nearly half of all Americans are actively trying to lose weight at any given time. However, losing weight is only half the battle. For a particular instance of weight loss to be considered successful, you also need to keep it off for a minimum of five years. However, while losing weight and keeping it off is definitely a challenge, it's not impossible. Here are some tips, ideas, and strategies that can potentially help you win the battle of the bulge once and for all.

Understand What Makes Weight Loss Successful

Many people mistakenly think losing weight is something they only need to do once. As a result, they see the calorie counting, the workouts, and the discipline involved as temporary. They figure once the weight's gone, they're free to go back to the way they used to live only to be disappointed when those two pounds per year inevitably start creeping back on again. Eventually, they'll find themselves in the same position they were in before and will repeat the process of losing weight only to gain it all back later on.

The key to breaking that cycle is understanding what separates those who do successfully maintain their weight loss from everyone else. Instead of seeing weight loss as a one-time accomplishment, they see it as a permanent lifestyle change. They understand that if they go back to the way they've always lived, they'll eventually weigh what they used to as well. Instead, they focus on addressing the reasons why they gained weight in the first place and make sustainable changes to their habits that will not only help them lose weight but keep it off indefinitely.

Make Sustainable Life Changes

In order to truly keep weight off, you need to make life changes that you can sustain. This is exactly why many diet and exercise protocols fail. Someone might be able to maintain a radical food or activity plan for a month or two but eventually, they go back to their old habits because the plan they were attempting to follow was too rigid. Instead of committing to a plan that only allows you to eat one or two types of food or one that requires working out religiously every day of the week, choose things that will fit into your lifestyle, don't change your entire life to fit the new diet.

One popular diet you've likely heard about is the HCG diet. This diet is backed by discoveries made by a British doctor back in the 50s. Dr. Simeons discovered that with increased HCG in the body, the body was able to maintain lean muscle and burn off fat more efficiently. Protocols that still follow Dr. Simeons findings encourage a low-fat low-calorie diet with an increased HCG level. Patients work through three phases, eventually stopping the HCG injections and learning how to incorporate lasting habits that they will be more likely to maintain.

This is the type of plan that is more likely to result in lasting changes because it prepares the patient to sustain the changes as they work through each phase of the diet plan.

Implement New Ideas

When you are dedicated to real weight loss you will try things you maybe thought pointless in the past. One of these ideas is keeping a food journal. When people originally hear this they might blow it off as a ridiculous, useless idea. Maybe they try it but they can't carry their notebook everywhere and eventually, they miss a few meals and then throw in the towel altogether. While it is true that you don't always have a notebook handy, you do probably carry your phone with you wherever you go. Thanks to multiple food diary apps there really is no excuse anymore for not trying this helpful approach to healthy eating. A food journal has proven time and time again to be incredibly beneficial for people trying to lose weight and keep it off. It's amazing how much we eat mindlessly. When you consistently keep track you can make real changes to your eating.

Some other things to try include increasing fiber, meal planning and cooking at home rather than going out or join a food support group online or in person.


Weight loss is a common battle that many adults face. It takes education, planning, resiliency and dedication to make lasting changes. No matter how much of a challenge it is, your health and your well-being is worth it.


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