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How to Load on the HCG Diet

How to Load on the HCG Diet

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet is the loading phase, and you may be wondering exactly how to load on the HCG Diet. "€œLoading"€ is a term used that means eating high-fat and high-calorie foods before beginning the actual diet portion of the program. The reason for the loading phase is to help prepare your body for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, which is a 500 calorie-restricted regimen and when you will begin taking the HCG. Loading will help keep you from feeling hungry initially during Phase 2 when the HCG is just get into your system. Phase 1 lasts for only a couple of days, so enjoy eating high-fat, high-calorie foods.

There is no food limit during loading. You may eat simply until you feel full. Be careful of foods high in carbohydrates such as breads, potatoes, alcohol, or pastas as these foods can increase hunger when the 500 calorie regimen is started. Go for red meats like steak, and eat cheeses, eggs, peanut butter, and fatty meats such as salami and bacon. You can also take this time to load up on good fats with foods that contain Omega 3s. The foods that typically contain these Omega 3s are salmon, eggs, milk, and yogurt.  other recommendations include healthy fats such as avocados, almonds, and olive oil for salad or cooking. Do not, however, eat so much that you make yourself feel ill. If you have further questions on the loading phase of the HCG diet, please feel free to contact Nu Image Medical at 888-520-3438 or visit our website at

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