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How to Enjoy the Holidays and NOT Gain Weight

How to Enjoy the Holidays and NOT Gain Weight


How to Enjoy the Holidays and NOT Gain Weight

The holiday season is here again. And for must of us that means FOOD! Cookies, candy, decadent dishes, and a constant array of calorie packed goodness are at every turn. But beware, studies have shown that an astounding percentage of people gain a substantial amount of weight during the holiday season.  And worst of all, most people struggle to get this weight off. There is, however, a healthier way to enjoy the holidays without going up a pant size or two.


Eat beforehand.

Munching on a healthy snack or food before you head to holiday party or even drinking a bottle of water or two during the car ride over, will dramatically reduce food cravings and temptation. By pre-filling your stomach, you'll end up with much better willpower than you probably ever thought possible, and it will be much easier to be satisfied on less.


Bring your own food.

If you know you have holiday party or get together coming up, don't rely on others to provide a healthy option for you. Always plan ahead, and bring a lighter option that you can feel comfortable partaking in. You never know, your low calorie option may be a party hit!


Mingle around your company, not the food table.

It's typical, especially during holiday parties, for food to be out everywhere: counters, tables, etc. And, why not? It looks pretty, and it's inviting. But if your mission is to avoid weight gain over the holiday, this food display can be disastrous. Hovering around food or next to the table it's on will only make it harder to avoid indulging in extra bites unknowingly during conversation. Mingling with friends and family in another area, without food present, may save you several calories.


Don't taste while you bake.

Ok, this is hard"€¦ But licking the spoon or tasting here and there during cooking and/or baking will tack on a lot of calories that you didn't even realize or notice. Trying your best to wait and enjoy a small amount of the finished product when it's served will be worth it. Let's face it, you're going to try the cookie at some point, don't add unnecessary calories tasting the batter. They add up quickly.


Load during the holidays.

If you're contemplating doing the HCG diet during the season, consider doing your loading days during your scheduled holiday parties. You will be ahead of everyone making resolutions to lose weight, and look great ringing in the New Year!


Be selective.

It's okay to be a little choosy. Ultimately, it's your body, and you control what goes into it and how much. Most individuals who are pros at staying thin and controlling their weight are masters of this concept. They know when to splurge and when to hold off. For example, if you know you must have a piece of Grandma's red velvet cake at Christmas dinner, then plan accordingly"€¦try to eat light during the day while focusing on proteins and veggies that will keep you more full. Save up for the big finale, and enjoy it, guilt free.


Pick the smallest plate possible.

If small plates are available at your holiday get together, snatch one up. If you don't see one right away, keep an eye out for a dessert or another area where a few may be hidden before you go for a big one. Not having "€œextra space"€ on your plate for extra goodies will save you in the long run and visually help you feel satisfied with less. If the only plates you see around are large ones, pick one side of the plate to place food, and avoid the urge to pile anything on top.


Be polite but portion cautious.

At a party, you can have a small sample without eating a large helping.  Showing your appreciation and sampling a bit is the courteous thing to do.It doesn't mean, however, that you have to fill up your plate or go back for seconds by any means.


Be mindful of your alcohol intake.

Not only is alcohol jam packed with calories, but it may not just be the actual calories from the drink itself that gets you into trouble"€¦ but the actual lack of self control with food that you may incur once you've had a glass or two. Having a small drink is certainly okay, but be mindful of the amount to avoid careless over snacking.


Get moving.

It's super easy to want to just sit around during the holidays. And a little relaxation during one of the busiest times of the year is important. But making the time and effort to stay active, can keep those unwanted holiday pounds away. For example, parking far away at the mall while shopping or going on a family walk after dinner is a great way to burn a few calories and keep your metabolism up and running.


Slow it down, and pace yourself.

It takes the brain roughly 20-30 minutes after eating to relay to the stomach a feeling of fullness. So, take it slow. Holiday food should be enjoyed. Rushing through a meal will only make you eat more and miss out on the richness! If you're going to indulge a tiny bit, savor it!


Don't be a holiday statistic! Plan ahead, make smart choices, and keep those unwanted pounds off!

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