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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

How To Do the Dr. Simeons HCG Diet

How To Do the Dr. Simeons HCG Diet

Now that you've decided to lose weight effectively, you need to know how to do the Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet, a safe, provenand reliable method that will allow you to reach your weight-loss goals. The diet protocol itself is simple, but must be followed exactly in order to see weight loss. The first part is to make sure you have the necessary components to begin the Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet.

First, make sure to schedule a consult with Nu Image Medical's trained personnel. This also ensure that you get prescription HCG.  Nu Image Medical provides only real, 100% FDA-approved HCG injections, drops and pellets. Although the type of HCG you choose to use is up to you, the injections are the preferred delivery method in keeping with Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet. This is primarily due to its guaranteed absorption in the body. Be advised to purchase only pure, FDA-approved HCG. Homeopathic HCG is fraudulent, not FDA approved, and does not contain real HCG hormone. Nu Image Medical  will provide you with real HCG products and access to a downloadable E-book, recipe guide, social media forum, and 24/7 support to help you every step of the way.

The second step is to plan when you want to start the Dr. Simeons HCG diet. This means looking at your calendar to decide when you have adequate time to start, maintain and complete the diet regimen. After this, feel free to purchase food items recommended by the Dr. Simeons HCG Diet. It is best to buy organic foods, but if they are not available, be sure to wash all produce completely. You will also need to have your chosen HCG Diet supplies ready to go. If you have questions on how to use the materials after you read the information provided to you, you may contact support at Nu Image Medical. Remember, the correct mixing and use of HCG products is an essential part of the overall Dr. Simeons HCG Diet. Once you have all of your materials ready and have set aside your commitment time, you will being with the loading and supplement phase.

During this phase you will begin taking your HCG and loading on the appropriate foods as outlined in the free, downloadable E-book. It is also during this phase that you will begin using your selected HCG vitamin supplements, if you've decided to use those. Most people find that these supplements assist them with additional nutrients and help curb cravings during the restricted diet portion of the program, which is the next step. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Nu Image Medical support at 888-520-3438.

After this first phase is completed, you will being consuming a 500 calorie-restricted diet. Recipes and recommended foods to eat will be made available to you. It is also during this time that you will incorporate the HCG diet products of your choice.

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet is a fast, reliable and effective way to lose weight. If you are ready to try the HCG Diet, contact Nu Image Medical at 888-520-3438. We are also available 24/7 to provide support through phone, email or live chat.

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