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How to Do HCG Diet Loading the Healthy Way

How to Do HCG Diet Loading the Healthy Way
Loading on the HCG diet doesn't have to be unhealthy, and although it won't really hurt you a ton if you eat a bunch of junk for the loading days it's definitely not the most ideal way to do it. During the loading days if you can stick to mostly clean natural sources of fat it will make the first week of the diet a lot easier and it will be a much more natural transition to the healthy whole foods of the HCG diet. If you are thinking that eating a bunch of junk during the loading days is a bad idea, try out some of the tips in this article for food choices. If you eat a bunch of junk it might actually take a day or two longer for your body to react to the hormone and it can cause metabolic issues if you eat a bunch of processed foods or foods with additives or chemicals.

Avoid eating unhealthy fats

There are definitely good and bad fats, and one of the biggest mistakes that people make during the loading days is eating a bunch of bad fat. Bad fat like trans fats and fats from processed foods are likely to cause health problems even if you are eating them as a part or your HCG diet loading plan. Avoid eating any junk foods when you are loading and foods like ice cream, chocolate, cookies, or cake. These foods are usually made with fats that can actually make it more difficult for you to lose weight once you start the diet. You'll want to avoid as many "€œunclean"€ sources of fat and stick to natural foods, as a general rule, and if you do resort to some junk food eating you should keep it to a minimum.

Also keep in mind that any of these unhealthy fats from junk foods also come with tons of carbohydrates, which can add more real weight even though you are only loading for just a few days. When you eat a bunch of sugar it can trigger metabolic symptoms and it can add to your insulin resistance and create problems for people who have metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes. It can even be dangerous for some people to eat a bunch of junk food, particularly if you are sensitive to changes with your diet. Some people should have very strict guidelines for their loading days because of their medical history. At Nu Image Medical we will discuss these guidelines with you prior to starting your diet if there are any particular concerns that you need to have addressed due to a particular medical condition or history. It's another reason why you won't want to try the diet without proper medical supervision and consultation.

Start your ketosis sooner

The HCG diet works by switching your body into a fat burning mode called ketosis where your stored fat is metabolized as a primary source of fuel. However, just a small amount of carbohydrates will switch your body out of ketosis. One idea is to stick to mostly fat and protein during the HCG loading days so that your body gets into a ketosis mode sooner. By eating natural fats, you will replenish your reserve fat stores if they have been depleted for any reason. But, the main benefit of doing this is that your body can be kick started into ketosis which will give you a head start on the diet. You may very well lose more weight at the start of the diet if you try this method compared to loading with a bunch of junk food.

To do this, avoid most foods with carbohydrates and stick to natural sources for fat like peanut butter, almonds, avocados, olive and coconut oil, and other natural oils. Don't use any vegetable oils, margarine, or foods that have been baked or otherwise processed for the loading phase. Consuming some vegetables during the loading phase should be fine but you will want to avoid any high carbohydrate vegetables. If you want to try the ketosis kick-start method you'll need to be particularly careful about your carbohydrate intake, so eating a bunch of fruit is probably not the best idea for the loading phase if you want to get into a ketosis mode. However, you should be able to eat as much protein as you want including high fat protein options like bacon and steak, because their high fat content won't affect your body's ability to go into ketosis.

If you're trying to be healthy, avoid most HCG diet loading day lists

A lot of the HCG diet loading day food lists out there really have a ton of unhealthy fats that aren't going to be your ally for weight loss, even for the loading days. A lot of guides recommend eating cakes, fried foods, ice cream and other junk which doesn't really make sense even though the protocol lets you eat as much fat as you want from different sources. You should use a bit of discretion and only pick natural sources as much as possible if you are really trying to eat a clean and healthy lifestyle. And, it can be bad to "€œgive in"€ to your appetite for junk food during the loading days because it can give you a risk of slipping up during or after the diet is over.

Remember that you are not only trying to lose weight on the diet, you are also trying to change your metabolism and your appetites for food. The idea is that the diet will help you detox from the effects of processed foods and the chemical and hormones in food while also burning a bunch of fat. For your long term health, it's incredibly important that you develop the right eating habits which the HCG diet is very helpful at doing. Most participants don't even crave junk food after they finish with one round of the diet, but starting the diet on the wrong foot by eating a bunch of junk won't make it any easier on you during the diet or after it is over. The best thing to do is to come up with your own healthy HCG diet loading day food list, and some ideas on this will be discussed below.

Some ideas for clean loading foods

Now that we've discussed the benefits of "€œclean"€ loading, there are several food ideas that you can consider for your upcoming round of the HCG diet that aren't going to have a negative effect on your metabolism and make the diet more difficult. Some options include cashews, almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pistachios, and every other nut. Other great options include peanut butter, avocados, eggs, bacon, sausage, organic butter and veggies, natural oils like coconut or olive oil, seafood with natural butter, full fat organic Greek yogurt, full fat cottage cheese, and other full fat dairy products. In general, if it's any source of fat that is truly natural and not-processed, it's probably a good idea to eat during the loading days. Try to get as much fat as you possibly can from meat, nuts, natural oils, and dairy and avoid fat from anything else. The diet will probably be a lot easier for you as you won't be craving junk foods, and you'll most likely lose more weight at the start of the diet if you do this instead of eating processed oils, fried foods and other unhealthy fats. For more information about HCG diet loading other aspects of the diet, click here to talk to a medical provider today.

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