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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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How to Conquer the First Week of the hCG Diet

How to Conquer the First Week of the hCG Diet

Undoubtedly, most people consider Phase Two of the hCG diet the most challenging. It is during the beginning stretch that your body will start to adjust to the menu. If you get through week one with no significant problems, then you will be able to complete the rest of the diet. 


First Week of Phase Two 


During the first week, your body will undergo major metabolic transitions as your system adjusts to burning fat for energy. Your body will also start to rely on the presence of the hCG hormone to break down fat at a much faster rate and supply your necessary energy. At Nu Image Medical, a medical professional carefully oversees the first week of the diet, 


Changes Experienced During the hCG Diet


Your body will undergo some changes during the first week of the hCG diet. Your system will start to break down the fat at a faster rate. It is common for the fat breakdown to contribute to the release of toxins within your body that have accumulated in the stored fat. As the fat is used for energy, the stored toxins are released. It is essential that you drink plenty of water during the first week of the diet to flush out the toxins. Also, you should undergo a colon cleanse during Phase 1 to prepare your body and help adjust to the many physical changes. 


Side Effects of the hCG Diet


Although rare, some people do experience side effects during the first week of the hCG diet. Here is a list of typical symptoms that might manifest. If these symptoms persist, then you should consult with the medical experts at Nu Image Medical. 

Common side effects experienced during the start of Phase 2: 

  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • A sore throat
  • Dizziness



Why Its Important to Work with a Medical Professional 


Working with a medical professional at Nu Image Medical during the early part of the diet is beneficial because the first weeks can be hard. Some people may not be able to reduce their caloric intake without the necessary support. If you start to experience symptoms, then you may want to explore trying a modified hCG diet or a different weight loss possibility. However, most people can successfully support the hCG diet and lose weight for 23 to 24 days with no significant side effects or health problems. 


Planning on the HCG Diet 


Before embarking on the hCG diet, you should have a detailed overview of the dietary plan’s basic requirements. It is suggested that you buy and prepare food in advance to keep going out to eat once you start Phase 2. To successfully lose weight, you will need to adhere to the protocol with no cheating.

Exercising on the hCG Diet 


Your Nu Image Medical provider will tell you to abstain from any form of exercise during the hCG diet. Exercise can throw off your metabolism and may even adversely affect your health due to the low caloric intake. The reduced calories do not encourage any physical activity. 


Staying Hydrated 


During the first week of the hCG diet, it is imperative that you drink excessive water to flush out the toxins from your fat reserves. If you drink too much water, you might experience an upset stomach. However, not only does the h2o wash out unwanted toxins but it also helps you feel full and curbs your cravings. Water consumption on the diet becomes a balancing act. You must consume enough water without making yourself sick. 


Exploring Recipes During Phase 2 


During Phase 2, it is beneficial to be creative with recipes to keep the foods you are consuming interesting. When you work with Nu Image Medical, you will be provided with many recipes that help you successfully create delectable dishes. 


Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth


One of the main things that people crave and mentally miss are desserts. However, there are several great recipes that supply dessert options on the hCG. You can opt to split your fruit servings up and use them as a pick-me-up during the afternoon. 


At Nu Image Medical, you will receive all the support and recommendations that you need to successfully make it through the first week of the hCG dietary protocol. Typically, once the first week is complete, you will find the added segments of the diet much more manageable. 


Please contact the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical to learn more about how to conquer week one of the hCG diet. 

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