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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

How to Buy HCG Diet Injections Online

How to Buy HCG Diet Injections Online

If you are looking to buy HCG injections for the HCG diet there are a few ways that you can purchase them online, but you have to exercise caution because every HCG provider is not safe to buy from. There are few online providers of HCG that offer pharmaceutical grade, certified HCG written with the prescription of licensed medical providers. Most other online providers issue HCG from non-certified pharmacies or without a prescription, which is not only dangerous, it is also illegal. When looking to purchase HCG injections you need to make sure that it is pure, pharmaceutical grade HCG. At Nu Image Medical we provide you with pharmaceutical grade HCG at an affordable price. 

Buy HCG Injections Kit Online

Most providers will offer you the choice of HCG drops or injections. At Nu Image Medical we offer you those two options as well as HCG pellets, which are good for traveling as they do not require refrigeration. The type of HCG you purchase is completely dependent on what your preferences are. If you are not comfortable with needles you can always purchase the drops or pellets, however you should keep in mind that the injections are the most widely used form of HCG. The pellets and drops can work, but the injections deliver HCG directly into the blood stream and are a more effective way to deliver HCG. They are preferred if you can get over the fact that you'll self-inject the HCG, and it is actually very easy and safe with the proper instruction.

Injecting the HCG at home

It may seem a bit strange that you would inject the HCG hormone at home without medical supervision, but it is actually very straightforward. You will only be using a 1/4 inch insulin needle for your injections with the Nu Image Medical program, and we also give you step by step instructions on injecting the HCG at home. We also provide you with a detailed video that explains exactly how to use our injection kit. You will be able to ask a medical professional any questions that you have at all on injecting HCG at Nu Image Medical, and you will also receive detailed instructions on self-injecting the hormone safely at home. We provide you with adequate training to self-inject the hormone and we also provide you with all the sterile supplies that you need.

When you purchase HCG injections you always need to have medical supervision and instructions, and you should never attempt to use HCG without it. Having the proper guidance is important to ensure that you properly inject the hormone even though the procedure is simple. You will also receive detailed instructions on injecting the hormone that you can refer to at any time if you have any questions, and during the first seven days of the diet you will also receive full medical supervision and support. It will only take you a day or two to learn how to self-inject the hormone as well.

HCG injections versus Drops or Pellets

The injections may seem like they are a bit of a hassle, but injections have been proven to be highly effective for the HCG diet. The drops and pellets offer an alternative that doesn't require injections, and since absorption of the hormone is not as effective with the drops or pellets, there is normally a higher dose of the hormone when you purchase drops or pellets. Like the injections, we offer pharmaceutical grade HCG drops and pellets that are given by prescription. Using the drops or pellets is simple, you just need to keep in mind that the drops must be refrigerated once mixed, while the pellets can be taken pretty much anywhere and do not require refrigeration.

Purchasing HCG online can save you a substantial amount of money as long as you purchase them from a reputable provider. If you have to purchase the injections from a local medical provider you may have to pay hundreds of dollars more, including the extra cost of the consultation fee. At Nu Image Medical we have streamlined our HCG diet and we are able to offer you a full HCG diet including a consultation at a much lower cost than what you would have to pay if you purchased the diet locally. The quality of the diet is exactly the same as if you purchased it from a local medical professional.

Legality of the HCG Hormone

The HCG hormone is perfectly safe and legal to take in an injectable format, as long as it has been prescribed by a licensed medical professional and issued by a certified pharmacy. It cannot legally be issued over the counter or with homeopathic preparations, as they have been banned by the FDA. You have to be especially careful when purchasing the drops because there are several products that are actually illegal but are sold online since they have been banned from stores. The only way to guarantee the potency and the quality of the HCG that you purchase is to purchase it from a legitimate provider like Nu Image Medical that offers HCG in pure, pharmaceutical grade quality with the oversight of licensed medical professionals.

Do not risk taking homeopathic HCG products or other HCG products issued from companies without licensed medical professionals on staff. Homeopathic HCG products are now illegal and you won't have any idea about their quality and purity and you are taking an unnecessary health risk when you purchase them. Homeopathic HCG products as well as other homeopathic products have been scientifically debunked; they are not effective in any circumstance, and there have been several demonstrations where people have taken large quantities of certain homeopathic medications without any effects at all. Homeopathic HCG products and other products are typically diluted to the point where there is literally no HCG or active ingredient in them. But with the wide variation from one product to another you will never know exactly what you are purchasing when you buy a homeopathic product.

The HCG at Nu Image Medical is guaranteed to be pure regardless of whether you order injections, drops or pellets.


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