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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
Nu Image Medical no longer offers the HCG Weight Loss Program. GOOD NEWS! We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less!

How to Be Successful on the HCG Diet

How to Be Successful on the HCG Diet

Be Successful on the HCG Diet!

The HCG diet can help you accomplish your weight loss goals much faster than most other diets, and is one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight in a matter of just a few weeks. Being successful on the diet requires commitment, and the more you learn about the diet prior to starting Phase 1, the easier the diet will be and the more weight that you will lose. The diet is so effective that you will almost always lose weight, but if you stick to the protocol and follow the requirements of the diet while avoiding cheating, you will have great results and can lose up to one pound of excess body fat per day. Below are some tips for getting the most out of your diet.

Ask your medical provider questions

At Nu Image Medical, our HCG diet is expertly designed and based on the original diet protocol that is known to be effective based on several decades of research. We offer you an initial medical consultation as well as the ability to follow up for seven days after you start the diet. The first seven days of the diet are the most challenging, and as long as you can get through that period of time and become familiar with the requirements of the diet, you are much more likely to be successful throughout the remainder. At the start of the diet and throughout the first seven days, you are free to ask your medical provider as many questions as you would like if you have concerns that need to be addressed or areas of the diet that you are unfamiliar with.

Read the protocol completely

Before you start the diet you should take the time to read the HCG diet protocol completely. If you choose the diet program at Nu Image Medical, we provide you with a concise and easy to read protocol that takes less than a day to get through. Reading the protocol ahead of time will help you know what to expect with the diet, and you should also become familiar with each phase of the diet. Phase 2 (the very low calorie diet), and Phase 3 of the diet are the two most important parts of the diet to get familiar with, and once you learn about those two phases the rest of the diet will be much easier.

Learn recipes before starting the diet

It also helps to learn several different HCG diet recipes prior to starting Phase 1 of the diet because you will be preparing most of the meals on the diet yourself. The protocol has fairly strict food requirements, and to be successful on the diet and lose the most weight possible you need to stick to those requirements. If you spend the time to learn a few recipes that are appealing to you, there is a much lower chance that you will cheat on the diet or resort to eating at a restaurant for a meal.

Fix your sleeping schedule prior to starting the diet

If you are having difficulty sleeping, you should try your best to get on a regular sleep schedule before you start the diet. Studies show that people who have a regular sleep schedule are less likely to overeat, and this can be very helpful when you are on a limited calorie diet like the HCG diet. Having a regular sleep schedule will help you get through the somewhat challenging second phase of the diet, because you will have a limited number of meals that you can eat throughout the day during this phase. There are several other tricks and techniques you can use you help yourself through the diet if you can't fix your sleep cycle before you start.

Experiment with different HCG diet foods

Prior to starting the diet, it is helpful to try out some of the different HCG diet foods to come up with a list of favorite food options. You have a fairly wide selection of different foods that you can use for the diet, particularly the vegetable and protein choices, both of which make up the bulk of the calories that you eat on the diet. It also helps to spend some time learning how to prepare the different types of protein that are allowed on the diet if you don't already know how. Come up with a favorite list of HCG diet foods and make sure that you have enough for at least the first week of the diet before you start, and plan on shopping at least once per week while you are on the diet.

Avoid cheating at all costs

Cheating on the HCG diet is your worst enemy that will slow down your weight loss and prevent you from getting the results that you want. You can definitely recover from a cheat meal but ideally you don't want to be in that situation because it likely means that your weight loss will slow down or plateau. To avoid any slowdowns, stick to the protocol and if you are struggling with hunger, talk to your medical provider about options to increase your daily protein intake or other ways to stave off hunger. There are many ways that you can stay full on the diet and get through the sometimes challenging three to six week VLCD, but you should try your absolute best to avoid using cheating as a crutch. The diet is definitely manageable and the hormone makes it easy because it reduces your appetite while increasing your fat metabolism.

If at first you don't succeed, try again

You may do your best to prepare for the diet, but in spite of your best efforts it is easy to slip up, especially if it is your first attempt  at the diet. The HCG diet isn't a diet that every gets perfectly right the first time around, and that is why you can always repeat it if you didn't get the results you expected the first time around. You can achieve your weight goal and stay there with the help of the diet, but the protocol has to be followed as close to perfectly as you can, and the more times that you try the diet the more likely you are going to have the weight loss results that you expect. Every person will have different results with the diet regardless of how closely they stick to it, so always keep that in mind as well, but if you follow the protocol perfectly you can expect to lose at least 0.25 pounds per day if not much more.

Don't worry if things didn't go right on the first round of the diet, if you completed one round you will be much better prepared the next time around and you will know what to expect. You will also already have your favorite HCG diet recipes in mind, and you'll be much more familiar with the protocol and its requirements. For more information on how the HCG diet can benefit you and help you accomplish your weight loss goals, click here.

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