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The following information is for educational purposes only. Due to new FDA Compounding Guidelines and Telehealth Certifications,
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How to Adhere to the HCG Diet

How to Adhere to the HCG Diet

If you're wondering how to adhere to the HCG diet, we may have some helpful tips for you! Whether you are thinking about giving the HCG diet a try or have already started, here are a few suggestions to help keep you on track!


Drink water, and drink some more.

As your body breaks down fat on the HCG diet, it's extremely important to flush those toxins out of your system. For this reason, and to stay properly hydrated and prevent water retention, drinking a large amount of water is essential. Water can also help keep you feeling full on the HCG diet, and help you avoid food temptation.


Avoid under eating.

Under eating is a more common problem on HCG. It is not required that you eat absolutely everything if you feel full on the 500 calorie phase, but if you are purposely going below your calorie limit in hopes to lose more, you may end up being disappointed. And the hunger and fatigue that could possible result from doing this would make anyone want to cheat or stop the diet. 500 calories is already a very small amount of food. So be careful.


Stay away from too much activity.

Exercise can wreck the HCG diet and actually keep you from losing weight. Many patients believe that adding exercise will help them "€œburn off more calories"€ or "€œlose more."€ This is simply not true with HCG. A 500-calorie diet does not lend enough calories to support a lot of activity, and increasing your metabolic rate with exercise will only make you increasingly hungrier while on the 500-calorie portion of the program.


Be creative with what you can have.

Nu Image Medical will provide you with an extensive recipe guide to help you along your HCG diet journey. Take advantage of it! A few consistent days of one piece of chicken and lettuce with a plain apple, and you will find yourself so bored with those plain food options. Oftentimes, patients find it harder to stick to the diet, not because they were hungry, but simply because they were tired of eating the same foods over and over again. Try changing it up, cooking the food differently, and adding allowed herbs and spices to help.


Made a mistake? Get back on track, and don't do it again!

Okay, so if you fell off track"€¦Dust yourself off, and keep your goal in mind! Don't let one slip ruin the diet for you! But keep in mind, that ongoing cheating can be devastating on HCG. So do everything in your power to stay on track, but if you have a slip, get right back on the bandwagon, and start again correctly.

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