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How the HCG Diet Burns Abnormal Fat

How the HCG Diet Burns Abnormal Fat

The HCG Diet Burns Abnormal Fat

The HCG diet is scientifically proven to result in fat loss and is one of the few diets that exclusively targets excess fat without lean muscle loss. The diet utilizes the effect of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to release excess fat stores in combination with a very low calorie diet. The hormone has been studied for over 6 decades for its ability to metabolize abnormal fat, and it is used in very small doses throughout the HCG diet. HCG is a natural hormone that is produced by the placenta in pregnant woman. The hormone controls metabolic functions in pregnant women and ensures that the developing fetus has enough energy to develop at a normal rate, even if the mother goes through periods of time where she does not eat.

The hormone used for the HCG diet is created synthetically and is effective as long as it is pharmaceutical grade, while homeopathic versions are not recommended and are not proven to increase blood levels of HCG. It is available as injections, and in drop and pellet form as well.

The HCG diet offers a solution that works permanently to reduce fat cells and reduce a person's risk of developing chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. There are hundreds of other benefits of having a lower body fat percentage and a normal BMI, and countless people who have tried the HCG diet have had success with lowering their body fat percentage. The HCG diet reduces the negative effects of a modern diet and helps to reset the hypothalamus so that up to 2000 calories of fat are burned each day from abnormal fat reserves and cravings for starches and sugars are reduced.

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Abnormal fat is a common problem that the HCG diet solves

Modern diets are high in starch and sugar, and there is an abundance of readily available high energy foods. Abnormal fat is stored by the body in undesirable places because too many of our calories come from starch and sugar. Your body stores excess calories as abnormal fat because it is programmed to prepare for lean times. Abnormal fat ends up being stored in the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and other areas, and these areas end up being difficult to target with a fat loss diet.

The HCG diet metabolizes this abnormal fat by activating it for metabolism using the effect of HCG. A pregnant woman's abnormal fat is burned for fuel by HCG and the same effect happens for men and women who supplement with the hormone. It is especially important that abnormal fat is burned primarily, as other diets will target structural fat and fat reserves which are normal and important to have. The HCG diet has the major benefit of targeting undesirable abnormal fat without burning muscle and results in a leaner and more natural figure at the end of the diet.

Abnormal fat is not targeted by other diets which is the main reason why so many people experience frustration that their "€œstubborn fat"€ ends up mostly staying on, even after they perfectly follow the diet. This is because other diets do not utilize the unique fat targeting effect that the HCG hormone provides. The problem of stubborn fat staying on does not happen with the HCG diet; dieters who strictly follow the HCG diet protocol under medical supervision will see abnormal fat loss results every time, and a main benefit of the HCG diet is that it does eliminate the stubborn fat that most other diets can't.

HCG reprograms the hypothalamus to restore a normal appetite

The hypothalamus is a part of your brain that controls your appetite and other functions, and when you have a diet high in sugar and starch your hypothalamus will be unnaturally programmed to drive you to eat more of those foods. HCG is known to affect the hypothalamus and once the diet has been completed your cravings for starch and sugar will be reduced if not eliminated.

A 500 calorie per day diet is both necessary and sufficient for the diet to work

In order for HCG to work, a 500 calorie per day diet is necessary. The diet has careful food selections and although it may seem like the calorie level is too low, 500 calories are actually more than enough for the diet. The hormone releases all the energy a person needs, up to 2000 calories per day, and the 500 calorie diet provides basic nutrients and minerals that supplement the calories that HCG provides.

The hormone is entirely safe to use

HCG has proven to be an entirely safe hormone that has been used by hundreds of thousands of people as a diet supplement without any major side effects. It is produced by pregnant women in quantities that far exceed what any HCG diet would call for, and it does not have interactions with any medications.

The HCG diet is for everyone

The best part about the HCG diet is that it can work for anyone no matter what your weight loss goals are. It can reduce your body fat percentage if you are just looking to slim down, and it offers a safe alternative to lose weight quickly for obese people outside of gastric bypass surgery.

Those who are obese may need multiple rounds of the HCG diet in order to lose their desired amount of fat, but the great benefit of the diet is that it can be completed as many times as necessary in short 26 to 46 day cycles until the desired weight loss result is achieved. In 26 days a person can lose up to 15 pounds and in 46 days a person can lose anywhere from 15-35 pounds or more.

Most people can expect fat loss of a half-pound to a pound per day if the program is strictly followed. So if you have heard about the HCG diet but are on the fence on whether or not it might work for you, hopefully this article has addressed some of your questions and if you are ready to start you can buy a 26 day supply of HCG now and see the amazing targeted fat loss results that the HCG diet can provide for yourself.

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