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How Quickly Does the HCG Diet Work?

How Quickly Does the HCG Diet Work?

Does the HCG Diet Work?

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose body fat, especially the stubborn body fat that most people struggle with losing (such as on the stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks), the HCG diet is one of the best options currently available. The diet is designed to work as fast as possible to help dieters lose weight, and most people on the diet lose anywhere from around 1/5 of a pound to 1 pound per day. The weight loss occurs quickly at the beginning of the diet and the speed of the weight loss can maintain itself throughout the diet, but occasionally it slows down and "€œplateaus"€, and the diet comes with several ways to break these plateaus.

Up to 1 pound per day can be lost

The HCG diet can result in up to one pound per day of weight loss, and it is a much faster way to lose weight compared to several other diets. The hormone used in the diet, human chorionic gonadotropin, is safe to use as a weight loss aid and it is prescribed by medical doctors during the diet. The best part of the diet is that it specifically targets abnormal fat, while other diets are not as effective at doing this. The hormone metabolizes the abnormal fat that is the most difficult to lose and the fat that is unsightly, while maintaining normal levels of reserve fat and structural fat that everyone needs.

The speed will differ from one person to another

It is important to note that the speed of weight loss of the HCG diet will differ dramatically from one person to another. First, not everyone will follow the protocol perfectly, which is understandable because it can be difficult to learn all of the requirements and stick to them throughout the 23 or 43 day Phase 2 of the diet (the very low calorie phase). This phase has very strict requirements for diet and lifestyle, and if you don't spend the time to learn these requirements before starting the diet you may find yourself slipping up a bit. This is not the end of the world because the diet will still result in a large amount of weight loss even if you mess up on a few days.

The diet makes weight loss easy and manageable

The best part of the HCG diet is that the weight loss is easier compared to other diets because of the hormone injections that are given on a daily basis throughout the second phase of the diet. The hormone suppresses the appetite while helping the body break down abnormal fat, and both of these effects are what make the diet easier compared to other diets. Most other diets do not utilize a supplement that is as effective as HCG; for instance some diets use caffeine as an appetite suppressant which isn't nearly as effective as human chorionic gonadotropin, and caffeine is often unsafe for many people, especially at the levels that some diets require.

You can expect weight loss of about 5 to 23 pounds or more

If you use the 23 day diet you can expect weight loss of anywhere from around 5 pounds to 25 pounds maximum, and the longer diet should be used if you have weight loss goals of anywhere from around 9 pounds to 45 pounds maximum. Many people lose at least 15 pounds on the 23 day diet, which is still a huge amount of weight loss in just a three week period of time. The second phase of the diet is when most of the weight loss occurs, and during the third phase of the diet the weight loss is "€œstabilized"€ by carefully selecting foods and reintegrating them gradually while monitoring weight gain.

The third phase of the diet is critical

Although most of the weight loss occurs during the second phase of the diet, the third phase of the diet is almost as important as the second phase if not more important, because it is during this phase that most people tend to slip up or maintain their results. Weight gain can occur rapidly when the dieter transitions from the very low calorie diet back to their normal diet because bad habits can make their way back very quickly if the dieter is not vigilant. One of the most important features for any HCG diet program to have is a carefully designed Phase 3 that focuses on weight management with techniques to stop weight gain if it occurs.

The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is effective and created by HCG diet experts

The HCG diet at Nu Image Medical is safe and effective and it is created and administered by medical professionals who are highly experienced with the diet and who understand how to safely administer it. The diet at Nu Image Medical is one of the few 100% online diets that has licensed medical professionals available to answer questions for dieters. The diet protocol was also designed by medical doctors, and it is very closely based on the original Dr. Simeons diet with just a few minor modifications. The Simeons diet is the only version of the diet that has been tested extensively and is known to be safe and result in the fastest amount of fat loss in the shortest period of time.

Your results depend on how closely to stick to the protocol

The results that you see on the diet depend on how closely you stick to the  HCG diet protocol. Most people experience rapid weight loss as long as they resist cheating or changing anything about the diet protocol which is certainly doable because the hunger suppressing effect of the hormone makes the diet manageable. The first week of the diet is usually the most difficult, and after the first week has passed the rest of the diet is easier as the body makes the transition to a ketogenic state. If you stick to the diet protocol you can expect great results even with just one round of the diet, and the best part is that the diet can be easily repeated.

The results you get from the HCG diet will last

As long as you follow the protocol guidelines and complete Phase 3 of the diet properly by staying away from starches, sugars and grains, you will maintain your weight loss results. The HCG diet is a great way for you to get back to a healthy lifestyle, and it won't take you several months of work like other diets. It doesn't require any exercise and it is one of the few diets that have been proven to result in real fat loss of up to one pound per day without dangerous side effects or other symptoms. To get more information on how the diet can help you lose weight quickly and safely, speak to one of the medical professionals at Nu Image Medical today.



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