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How Long Do I Wait Between the HCG Diet?

How Long Do I Wait Between the HCG Diet?


Knowing how long you should wait between HCG diet rounds is a very common question. Not only is taking prescription HCG and following the diet protocol important, but exposure to the HCG hormone is an important factor to consider as well. As with any hormone or medication, the more often it is absorbed in the body, the more the body becomes familiar or used to it. HCG unlocks fat reserves so that they may be used as energy which results in weight loss and hunger control. Without the full potency of HCG, dieting can be difficult and even dangerous if the hormone is not working to its full potential.

To avoid possible HCG tolerance and make sure the HCG diet works effectively for you, it's important to follow Dr. Simeons' (the original creator of the HCG diet) recommendations to know how long to wait between HCG rounds. According to his original guidelines, after any HCG round, whether 26 or 46 day, patients should wait a minimum of 6 weeks before reintroducing the hormone back into the body. And every HCG round after that, the wait time should be increased by two weeks. For example: 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, etc. This time without the hormone will prevent the HCG from becoming too familiar and keep it working effectively for patients who desire to lose more weight.

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