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How Homeopathic HCG Drops Differ From Injections

How Homeopathic HCG Drops Differ From Injections

How Homeopathi HCG Drops Differ From Injections

Many HCG dieters wonder about the effectiveness of homeopathic HCG drops, as they are still widely available online and advertised extensively now that there is an increased interest in the diet. The fact is that homeopathic HCG has actually been banned by the FDA since late 2011, and technically should not be sold anywhere, although various companies do not care about the ruling and continue to sell the hormone illegally. Homeopathic HCG drops are not safely produced and do not actually contain the hormone in the vast majority of cases.

You can imagine that any company that would sell HCG illegally is probably not producing it ethically or with the property sanitary and medical standards necessary to safely create a hormone product. Several if not all of the companies that produce these products are from China, India or other overseas locations, and they produce the drops with little regard to standard safety procedures and sterile technique. You run the risk of getting infections, consuming toxic compounds, and other health dangers when you use these products.

Don't take risks with homeopathic HCG drops

The risks to your health along with a good chance that the product doesn't have any actual hormone are great reasons to avoid any homeopathic HCG product. You may save some money compared to buying the hormone from a legitimate provider but the miniscule amount that you'll save isn't worth any health dangers. To actually participate in the diet the right way without harming your health you need to purchase the diet from a licensed provider like Nu Image Medical, and the money that you spend to guarantee the quality of your drops or injections will be well worth it.

You run the risk of getting seriously ill by purchasing anything labelled "€œhomeopathic"€ and claiming to have human chorionic gonadotropin in it. There is no way to know how the product was created, and the FDA certainly has no oversight or regulation overseas. The companies that continue to sell the hormone do so because they cannot be regulated by the FDA, and they know that they can make money by selling to customers that have not researched the dangers of consuming homeopathic HCG products.

Homeopathic products don't tell you what is in them

Homeopathic HCG products have "€œproprietary"€ ingredients, which mean that they have their own concoction of ingredients that may include dozens of other potentially harmful ingredients. In many cases they don't actually list the other ingredients that they include. Most of the time the retailer selling you the product also has no idea what is in it, even if you ask them, as they are in the business of purchasing low quality HCG from overseas facilities and reselling it to customers in the U.S. and other countries.

Drops or injections purchased at a licensed pharmacy are safe

If the drops are not labeled homeopathic and they are obtained from a licensed pharmacy in the U.S. with a prescription, such as our pharmacy, they are perfectly safe to use. The drops are absorbed sublingually and they are a great alternative for needle shy patients that would rather not have to deal with injections. The drops can save a bit of time as well, but the injections are ideal for increasing blood levels of HCG the fastest. Although the injections have been studied the most, the sublingual drops are proven to have the same result of the injections such as decreased appetite, improved fat metabolism, increased energy levels, and the other beneficial effects of human chorionic gonadotropin.

HCG injections produced at a licensed pharmacy in the United States are safe just like the drops, but you still have to be careful when you purchase injections. There are some overseas companies that have also started selling HCG injections, and again there is a great risk if you purchase their injections because there is no guarantee that they are sterile or that the ingredients contain HCG. It is even more dangerous to inject a product that has not been tested or guaranteed to be sterile as opposed to absorbing it using drops, as injections go directly into the bloodstream and any toxic compound can have an immediate effect.

Overseas companies lack the proper equipment

Overseas pharmacies often do not have the proper equipment to produce sterile hormones. Even worse, they may not have any knowledge of the proper production method can produce a dangerous or toxic combination of ingredients without knowing it. It is very important that you always purchase any hormone product, not just HCG, from a licensed domestic pharmacy in spite of the common availability of overseas products or even domestic products at unlicensed pharmacies.

You will find that overseas companies have also started to sell other hormones like HGH, testosterone, estrogen, as well as pharmaceuticals. Purity and safety is particularly important with hormone production because hormones have very complicated effects on the body and their concentration, inactive ingredients, and original source must be carefully controlled and produced using the latest research and sterile production methods.

You will know if a company is not selling HCG ethically or legally because they will sell it to you without a prescription. Any legitimate pharmacy in the U.S. will request a prescription, and you will also be able to speak directly with the staff and ask questions about the hormone. This is another one of the disadvantages of purchasing the hormone from an unlicensed pharmacy, as they will not offer you any instructions on how to actually use it, and you may not even be able to speak to a pharmacist or licensed medical professional.

If you've already purchased a HCG product with unknown quality

If you have already purchased homeopathic HCG drops or another  HCG product and you aren't sure of its quality, the best thing to do is to seek a refund from the company if at all possible and stop taking the product immediately. Do not continue to take the product until it is finished, and if you have any questions or concerns about any particular HCG product that you have previously purchased you can speak with the staff at Nu Image Medical.


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