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How Does the HCG Diet Work Long Term?

How Does the HCG Diet Work Long Term?

The HCG Diet Work Long Term

You may have wondered, "How does the HCG diet work long term?" No one wants to invest their time and money in a diet program that could  lead to rapid weight regain once the program is complete. The HCG diet is unlike any other diet program in that it uses a completely natural hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is already found in both men and women. The HCG diet also suppresses appetite naturally, so the use of potentially harmful appetite reducing drugs do not have to be used for success or hunger control. HCG also allows for quick weight loss in particular areas that other diet and exercise plans have a hard time reaching. And most importantly, the HCG diet protects the metabolism and actually improves it; whereas other low calorie, fad diets can be very harmful and damaging leading to unfortunate weight regain.

As previously mentioned, the most remarkable benefit of the HCG diet is, not just the incredible weight loss results that many dieters and patients experience with the program, but the increased ability to actually keep the weight off once they have finished. The thought of regaining all the weight lost after completing the diet has made many people often skeptical of attempting the HCG diet and its low calorie protocol. However, the full, original diet plan, created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, takes this common concern very seriously and fully emphasizes the importance of following the plan correctly, not only in the Phase 2/500 calorie "weight loss" portion of the diet, but it is equally important to be just as diligent to follow the Phase 3/ Stabilization period and the Phase 4/ maintenance.

By adding foods back into the diet slowly, per the directions of Dr. Simeon's guide, dieters build up their food consumption without risking uncontrollable weight gain. As with any diet, excessive carbohydrates and sugars should be limited to maintain weight, but it is perfectly reasonable to enjoy them on occasion or have a nice cheat meal once in a while with no fear or repercussions. The HCG diet makes this possible. Many patient's fear that they will have to live off only 500 calories/day to maintain their new weight, and this is simply not true. Many HCG dieters are surprised at the amount of food they can eat, after the program, without seeing weight gain. Unlike other low calorie diets, HCG actually improves and "speeds up" the metabolism, making it easier to use calories more efficiently.

For more information about the HCG diet and how it can improve your metabolism long term, contact the Nu Image medical staff at 888-520-3438.

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